The Age of Aquarius and Lucifer

In my last post, I wrote about the great conjunction that will occur next month in December and the drastic implications it could potentially have on the political landscape in America. If what I predicted comes to pass, then we will likely see the end of government and democracy as we know it. Something to keep in mind is that the great conjunction occurring this year is unlike the previous ones which come around approximately every two decades. This one in particular will see Jupiter and Saturn conjunct on the winter solstice at 0 degrees in Aquarius. Why is this significant?

Aquarius represents societal change, and the fact that the conjunction is occurring at 0 degrees is a signifier of new beginnings. Some people may have heard the term “The Great Reset” get tossed around, especially during this unprecedented year. This usually refers to the complete overhaul of the current order of our world including the emergence of a new economic system revolving around digital currency. If there was ever a time for a reset of such a magnitude, this would be the time. Aquarius, as an Air sign, represents technological advancements. In “The Man Who Broke Free,” I wrote about how the coming Age of Aquarius will be a technological era where man will merge with machines in an event called the Singularity. Humans minds will become connected to artificial intelligence and our consciousness will be uploaded to the Cloud. This would certainly bring a new meaning to being “caught up together in the clouds” and “meeting the Lord in the air” as it’s mentioned in Thessalonians, which many believe is in reference to the rapture.

In The Dark Crystal, one of the movie’s characters says, “The Great Conjunction is the end of the world! Or the beginning. End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.” I would encourage people to look into this movie, as it has many interesting underlying spiritual themes. A group of higher consciousness beings descend onto the planet Thra (Earth) after a shard form the Crystal of Truth is shattered and are split into two separate races, one malevolent and the other benevolent. At the end of the movie, the benevolent race is able to merge the shard back into the crystal, and the two races are restored to their higher selves. They then leave Thra behind and ascend to a higher level of existence. The hidden message here is us humans must use a similar spiritual alchemical process to transmute darkness (Ego/ignorance) into light (wisdom/awareness) so that we can return to a higher state of being. But what does all of this have to do with the Age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius is also referred to as the Age of Enlightenment or the Age of Truth. Many depictions of Aquarius show a man bearing a pitcher of water, which is symbolic of Enki, the water-bearer. The water can also be symbolic of the cosmic waters, or the void, which Yaldabaoth was birthed from chaos. The planet Tiamat represented primordial chaos as an aspect of the mother goddess and was terraformed by Enki into Earth after its destruction. In order words, Earth was born from Tiamat, just like Order was born from Chaos, and Yaldabaoth was born from Sophia. This is also why Marduk, the alter ego of Enki, is known as a god of divine justice and law and order.

But Aquarius is an Air sign, and Enki is only associated with Water and Earth. Lucifer, however, is associated with Air and Fire. Enki and Lucifer, therefore, constitute the four classical elements of the universe. Who is Lucifer really, though? Lucifer is a title, not the name of a specific individual. Lucifer is a title that applies to Christ, Sophia, Enki, and many various goddesses in mythology who are aspects of Venus. Contrary to popular belief, Lucifer literally means “light-bearer”, not “the devil”. Religion has twisted and demonized the name Lucifer and conflated it with Satan, which is another title in itself which means “adversary”. The concept of a malevolent deity being an adversarial opponent to a benevolent one goes back to Ahriman and Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism, and the name “Satan” dates even further back to the ancient Egyptian god Set. In reality, there are many entities who will answer to “Satan” including Beelzebub, Samael, Belial, Azazel, Baal, etc.

Lucifer is not an adversarial figure, but rather one who brings enlightenment. Most people would agree that’s something the Gnostic Jesus certainly did. He brought enlightenment into a world that had been ignorant and bereft of its true origins up to that point. Christ therefore becomes synonymous with Lucifer. Sophia, who fell to the underworld from the highest incorruptible realm, the Pleroma, also represents the archetype of Lucifer. Sophia gains enlightenment/wisdom through the experiences of all her creations, including the Demiurge. When Enki (the Demiurge) fell from Orion, he manifested the physical world of matter and Sophia became a slave of her own creation. Enki took over the title Lucifer, just as he assumed many other names and titles, and has since viewed himself as humanity’s savior.

The Age of Aquarius will be a huge paradigm shift for humanity. As mentioned in the Book of Revelation, the old heavens will be destroyed, meaning the Kenoma and everything within it will be consumed including the astral realm, which would mean the end for the tunnel of light afterlife trap. This means humanity will be split into two groups; those who will become trapped in the Singularity and those who will merge back with their Higher Self. I don’t see a third option at that point, since there would be nowhere else for our souls to reincarnate. Every action needs to have a reaction, so if one group of humanity is being liberated and merging back with their Higher Self, then the other group has to be trapped and merged with artificial intelligence. The phoenix is known as a symbol of Lucifer because, like Christ, the phoenix dies only to rise again. For some, we will die and rise from the ashes in order to be restored to our true selves, while others will watch the world they once knew die and give rise to a new one which will be the ultimate dystopian nightmare known as the Singularity.

Where will you find yourself once the dust settles?


11 thoughts on “The Age of Aquarius and Lucifer

  1. I remember a dream(it stayed in my memory-it has significance) in which I and many others embarked on a train and left a realm where the devil dogs(gods) were locked away and starving to death…I remember a voice in my dream saying: “the gods will be locked away ,the key will be thrown and they will be forgotten!” I think you are right,Justin!

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  2. Yes, I agree that their fate has been sealed. This passage from “On the Origin of the World” would appear to indicate that: She [Sophia] will cast them down into the abyss. They [the Archons] will be obliterated because of their wickedness. For they will come to be like volcanoes and consume one another until they perish at the hand of the prime parent. When he has destroyed them, he will turn against himself and destroy himself until he ceases to exist. And their heavens will fall one upon the next and their forces will be consumed by fire. Their eternal realms, too, will be overturned. And his heaven will fall and break in two. His […] will fall down upon the […] support them; they will fall into the abyss, and the abyss will be overturned. The light will […] the darkness and obliterate it: it will be like something that never was.

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    1. I definitely believe we’ll retain our memories once we leave here and will remember all of our incarnations. The veil of forgetfulness only seems to exist here, not in the higher realms. I also believe we’ll lose our attachments and range of emotions, so we’ll probably just look back at all of this as an experience that was needed in order for Source to better know itself.

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  3. Why is Enki the demiurge? The demiurge created this matrix and guards the prisoners inside, doing what he can within the rules to trap us here, and Satan is the ruler of this matrix physical world. So I guess demiurge is a neutral system maintenance entity, maybe satan is as well and so is Enlil who doesn’t want humanity to be enlightened. These three probably belong in the same team or the same entity.


    1. Based on my research, the Demiurge is Enki/Marduk with Enki representing Yaldbaoth’s “light” side and Marduk his “dark” side. Enlil would be the one who the Gnostics refer to as Sabaoth. He was elevated to the eight heaven and is not the same entity as Yaldabaoth. Marduk took over Enlil’s role which is why most people frequently confuse the two. My book explains this in greater depth.


  4. Sir you are a new age believer not a believer in Jesus Christ. Everything you said there is proof of that. Lucifer IS the devil if you were a real Christian you would have known that you are calling Gods word and God Himself a liar when you talk the way that you do. And worse your calling GOD the devil your a blasphemer and the truth is not in you. Turn from your wicked ways repent of your sins go to God and ask for forgiveness ask the Lord to change your heart and stop buying into this worlds lies from the father of lies. If you ask Him He will give you a new heart and open your eyes up to the truth. Time is short so dont waste anymore time. I am praying for you. Peace.


    1. Your words come from a lack of understanding. You’ve been indoctrinated by religion to believe the so-called God of the Bible is the one and only “God,” when in reality he is nothing but a fraud. I don’t need Jehovah’s forgiveness, nor do I need your prayers. The true Source of all creation doesn’t need or desire worship. The false god that you believe in needs it because if he didn’t have that energy to siphon and feed off of, he would shrivel up and wither himself into oblivion. Being a true Christian and follower of Christ has nothing to do with religion. The true Christ who spoke through the person known as Yeshua/Jesus never desired worship or wanted a religion to be centered around him. He came to bring knowledge and gnosis to people wise enough to understand his message. It is he, who was the true Lucifer (along with his consort Sophia). Lucifer does NOT mean “Devil,” but rather the bringer of light (knowledge/gnosis). Lucifer is a title and not the name of a specific individual. Unfortunately, we can thank the Church for twisting the truth around and causing people to think that someone who brings enlightenment is evil. If you want to know evil, look no further than the false god of the Bible who’s responsible for more deaths and sufferings than anyone in the history of our planet. It doesn’t get more devilish than that.


    2. If you go to the original texts, the original bible…Hebrew…Greek..then you will see that heylel is derived from halal and just like halal has different meanings depending on the context. How can the devil be Lucifer, which means light bearer when Christ is the light of the world? Heylel, only appears once in the old testament and can have a positive or negative meaning. So where the latin translation chooses lucifer, it would more correctly translates as boasts. This is from the website Also, look at


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