Remote Viewing

For anyone who is interested in remote viewing, I’m in possession of two remote viewing sessions that were done by Trudy Benjamin of Farsight. Session one is about the long-term side effects of the COVID vaccine, while session two is about Enki and Enlil. The two sessions combined are 35 pages in total. If you’re interested in seeing the data, please send me an e-mail at I think most people who follow my blog would be very interested in these sessions. The results were mind-blowing, in my opinion.

For those who are unaware of what remote viewing is, it is a mental practice where the viewer is tasked to view a person, place, or event under blind conditions. The viewer is only given a set of coordinates, usually an eight-digit code, while the tasker keeps the information they want to know only to themselves. The remote viewer is then able to place their consciousness throughout any time in space (past, present, or future). One of the best remote viewing sessions I’ve seen were the Q Anon sessions done by Edward Riordan back in 2018. While remote viewing who was behind Q Anon, he was led to a facility where scientists were being forced to create a vaccine with nanotechnology in it. This was obviously well before the pandemic ever hit, so some of the data that was brought back didn’t entirely make sense at the time. In a separate session in 2017, he remoted viewed a virus that gave him a very ominous feeling about the future.

These two sessions that were done by Trudy Benjamin paint a more complete picture of what we can expect from the COVID vaccine, as well as the psychology of both Enki and Enlil, two of the oldest and most significant deities in our mythologies.

Contact me if you’re interested!


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