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In my last post, I made a prediction that the Atlanta Braves would win the World Series in 6 games based on numerology and Gematria. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. I’ve frequently been able to use numbers to predict future events such as sports outcomes, and have even predicted people’s deaths. I’m going to make a prediction for the month of November. This prediction should be taken with a grain of salt, as while predicting the future using numerology is definitely possible, predicting exactly when a person will die is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do no matter how good a person is with numbers since there are a lot of variables to consider. I do, however, believe that Queen Elizabeth may die before the end of the year. If she does, I have the date November 23 as a date to keep an eye on.

When I wrote about the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series, the number 95 played a significant role in that prediction. As many people know, Queen Elizabeth is currently 95 years old. The Braves played Game 1 of the World Series on a Tuesday, which they won, and they also wound up winning the final game of the World Series on a Tuesday. “Tuesday” equals 23 and 95 in Gematria. “The Queen” also equals 95 in Gematria, as does “November Twenty Three.” November 23 falls on a Tuesday. “King” equals 23 in Gematria, and Prince Charles would becoming King when the Queen dies. November 23 is the 327th day of the year, and the Queen’s full name “Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor” equals 327 in Gematria. November 23 also leaves 38 days left in the year, and “death” equals 38 in Gematria.

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On November 4, a “Queen Family Singalong” aired on ABC in tribute to the 50-year anniversary of the rock band Queen. If Queen Elizabeth died on November 23, it would be 19 days after the singalong aired. “Queen” equals 19 in Gematria. “Queen” also equals 73, and there is a time span of 7 months and 3 days from the Queen’s birthday (April 21) to November 23. That’s also a time span of 31 weeks, and “The Queen” equals 31 in Gematria. “Royalty” also equals 73, and as many people may recall, the Queen was married to Prince Philip for 73 years before he died in April. 73 is the 21st prime number, and we’re currently in the year ’21. The band Queen released their debut album in ’73. Also, don’t forget about the controversial interview that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did with Oprah Winfrey on March 7. March 7 can be written as 7/3, like 73. Prince Charles would also be 73 years old when he becomes King, if the Queen should die.

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In addition to the connection to the Queen and the band Queen, Freddie Mercury was born on September 5 (9/5), just like the Queen who is currently 95 years old. Mercury died on November 24, which would hypothetically be the day after the Queen dies. November 23 would be 228 days after Prince Philip’s death, which came on April 9. “Queen Elizabeth” equals 228 in Gematria. “Queen Elizabeth” also equals 150, and there is a time span of 150 days from November 23 to April 21, 2022 (what would be the Queen’s next birthday).

It was reported by the mainstream media on October 21 that Queen Elizabeth spent a night at the hospital for the first time in years. From October 21 to November 23 is 33 days, and “England” equals 33 in Gematria. England’s national football team participated in the Euro Cup on July 11, which was 33 days after Prince Philip’s death on April 9. July 11 is the 192nd day of the year, and there are 19 weeks and 2 days from July 11 to November 23. November 23 is also a time span of 158 days from U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s birthday, and “Boris Johnson” equals 158 in Gematria.

Remember, this is all hypothetical and I could very well be wrong. However, if I’m correct, then there is a strong case to be made that Super Bowl 56 will be the Green Bay Packers vs. the New England Patriots. This would contradict my previous prediction of the Baltimore Ravens being the team to come out of the AFC, but there would be too many connections between the Queen and the Patriots to simply ignore. The Queen dying on the 23rd would connect to Patriots quarterback Mac Jones being 23 years old. Remember, the Patriots began the preseason with Cam Newton projected to be their quarterback, but Newton was released after Mac Jones was announced as the starter. “Mac” is “Cam” spelled backwards. Besides “Smith,” “Jones” is the most popular surname in England.

Like Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Mac Jones was born on September 5 (9/5). There’s exactly 23 weeks from September 5 to February 13 (the date of Super Bowl 56). The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl was in 2019 on February 3 (2/3) when they defeated the Los Angeles Rams. Super Bowl 56 will take place in Los Angeles in SoFi Stadium where the Rams play. The 2019 Super Bowl was a rematch of the 2002 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Rams. The 2002 Super Bowl also took place on 2/3. Mac Jones would be the first NFL quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl in his rookie season. The youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl was Ben Roethlisberger. Coincidentally enough, he was 23 years old. Roethlisberger was born on March 2, which can be written as 2/3. His nickname is “Big Ben,” which is in reference to London’s famous clock tower. There are also 2 months and 3 days from November 23 to February 13.

The last time the Packers played the Patriots in the Super Bowl was Super Bowl 31, and 56 points were scored in total. The Packers currently have a 5-6 record all-time against the Patriots. Could this be predictive programming for a Super Bowl rematch between these two teams at Super Bowl 56? Dusty Hill of ZZ Top performed at Super Bowl 31, and he passed away in July on a date with 56 numerology.

Keeping up with the 95 connections, there is a time span of 9 weeks and 5 days from Super Bowl 56 to the Queen’s next birthday. If she does die on November 23, it would be 82 days before the Super Bowl. “New England Patriots” equals 82 in Gematria. It would also be a time span of 83 days if you include the end-date. Bill Belichick is the coach of the Patriots, and his name equals 83 in Gematria, as does “The Queen of England.” 83 is the 23rd prime number. There are 2 months and 3 days from Super Bowl 56 to Bill Belichick’s next birthday. 23 is the 9th prime number, and if the Queen dies on the 23rd, it would be 9 days after Prince Charles’ birthday.

Also notice how Belichick was born in 1952, the same year Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne. Belichick is 69 years old, meaning Elizabeth has reigned as Queen for 69 years. “Queen Elizabeth” equals 69 in Gematria. Prince Harry’s birthday (September 15) falls 69 days prior to November 23.

The Baltimore Ravens also have their own tie-ins with the Queen. The team colors of the Ravens are purple and gold, similar to how the colors purple and gold are associated with royalty. Also, the Ravens have a player on their team named Patrick Queen. Patrick Queen wears #6, and there are exactly 6 months from his birthday to the date of Super Bowl 56. There is also a time span of 26 weeks and 3 days between those dates, and 263 if the 56th prime number. Interestingly enough, the Green Bay Packers have a player on their team named Kevin King. How ironic would it be if those two teams met in the Super Bowl after King Charles takes over the throne from Queen Elizabeth? In my previous post, I predicted that the Green Bay Packers would defeat the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl 56. I still believe there is a very good chance that happens, however, if my prediction about the Queen comes true, then the Patriots would be a team to keep an eye on if the Ravens should be eliminated from the playoffs before the Patriots are (assuming both teams make it to the playoffs).

In connection to the number 9, the sun transits Sagittarius on November 23, and Sagittarius is the 9th astrological sign. Sagittarius is associated with prophecy, so it’s only appropriate that Netflix will be releasing the second part of Masters of the Universe: Revelation on November 23. “Revelation” equals 149 in Gematria, and there are 149 days from November 23 to the Queen’s next birthday. For those who follow my work, you know I’ve talked about April 8, 2024 and how that date will mark the end of the seven-year tribulation period that occurs in Revelation. That is the date of the second Great American Total Solar Eclipse in seven years. There is a time span of 124 weeks between November 23, 2021 and April 8, 2024, and “Princess Elizabeth of York” equals 124 in Gematria. Queen Elizabeth was, of course, born Princess Elizabeth of York.

Going back again to the number 95, “Squid Game” first aired on Netflix on September 17, which is a time span of 9 weeks and 5 days before November 23. The star of the show wore number 456 (as seen in the picture below), and “Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor” equals 456 in Gematria.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but we know “corona” means “crown,” so it would only seem fitting that a new king is crowned during a pandemic called “coronavirus.”


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    1. Hi Vianne! In Gematria, there are four base ciphers, so any word(s) you use will give you four different numbers. There’s “English Ordinal” which is a=1, b=2, c=3, etc. There’s “Reverse Ordinal” which is z=1, y=2, x=3, etc. There’s “Full Reduction” which is the same as “English Ordinal” except there’s no double digit numbers, so after “i,” “j” would equal 1 rather than 10. The last one is “Reverse Full Reduction” which is the same as “Reverse Ordinal” except there’s no double digit numbers, so after “r,” “q” would equal 1 rather than 10.

      It might sound confusing, and it might be easier to understand if you type in the word for yourself and see how the numeric values add up:


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