March News

As expected, March was a busy month. I mentioned in my last post about how I believed the astrological and planetary alignments occurring in March might lead to some interesting events happening on Earth, and that proved to be the case. We had numerous bank collapses and a historical indictment of former president Donald Trump. That said, I want to begin this month’s news by discussing the March Madness tournament that recently concluded.

In my last post, I predicted that Kansas would repeat as champions this year. One of the reasons I made that prediction was because this was the 84th March Madness tournament, and Kansas could have went back-to-back as champions 84 days after the Georgia Bulldogs went back-to-back in college football on January 9. The irony in that logic is that January 9 was also the anniversary of the state of Connecticut being admitted to the union, and the UConn Huskies turned out to be this year’s winner. In addition, “Husky” equals 84 in Gematria, and the Huskies advanced to the Final Four by defeating Gonzaga, a Jesuit school, on the 84th day of year. “Jesuit” equals 84 in Gematria. I knew 84 would be a significant number in this year’s tournament winner because Georgetown, a Jesuit school, won the tournament in ’84 with 84 points by defeating the Houston Cougars. “Cougars” equals 84 in Gematria. This year’s Final Four and championship game was held in Houston, Texas, the same city where UConn won in 2011. In fact, 4 out of the 5 championships that UConn has won have come in the state of Texas. Dan Hurley, the head coach of UConn, improved his record in the March Madness tournament to 8-4 after winning the championship.

The number 23 was also significant in UConn winning this year’s tournament in the year ’23. It was their 5th championship win, and 2+3=5. They defeated three 5 seeds in the tournament on their way to victory, including two 5 seeds in both the Final Four and championship game. Connecticut was the 5th state admitted to the union. In Discordianism, there is a principle called the Law of Fives which claims that all things happen in fives. The 23 enigma, which is a belief in the significance of the number 23, is considered a corollary of the Law of Fives. Jim Carrey starred in the movie The Number 23, which is about the 23 enigma. Jim Carrey’s birthday is January 17, which was 76 days before UConn won the national championship with 76 points. “James Eugene Carrey” equals 76 in Gematria. Another “five” connection can be found in Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl win with New England which came in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas against the Atlanta Falcons, whose team colors are red and black. Connecticut, which is part of New England, won its fifth championship in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas against the San Diego State Aztecs, whose team colors are red and black. Connecticut is abbreviated as “CT,” which equals 23, 5, and 31 in Gematria. UConn’s 31st win of the season won them their 5th championship in ’23. It was also Dan Hurley’s 5th season as UConn head coach.

Connecticut is home to Yale University, which is known for its infamous Skull and Bones secret society. Some of the most well-known Bonesmen come from the Bush Family. George H.W. Bush was a member of Skull and Bones at Yale, and he died in Houston, Texas, the site of this year’s Final Four and championship game. Bush Sr. was the 41st president, and the Final Four took place on 4/1. Jim Larranaga, the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes, picked up his 149th loss with Miami on 4/1. “Skull and Bones” equals 149 and 41 in Gematria. George W. Bush was also a member of Skull and Bones. He was the 43rd president, and the championship game took place on 4/3. UConn head coach Dan Hurley picked up his 255th win in the championship game, winning the 84th March Madness tournament. “George Walker Bush” equals 255 and 84 in Gematria. UConn picked up their 1,802nd all-time win on 4/3, and “New Haven, CT” equals 1802 and 43 in Gematria. Yale University is, of course, located in New Haven. George W. Bush is currently 76 years old, and UConn won the championship with 76 points. “Skull and Bones” equals 76 in Gematria. George W. Bush was born on July 6 (7/6).

Dan Hurley was hired as head coach of UConn on March 22, 2018 (3/22). Skull and Bones is also known as Order 322. Yale University turns 322 years old this year in October. There is a video game called Skull and Bones that is expected to be released around that time or shortly after. “Yale” equals 43 and 65 in Gematria, and UConn picked up its 65th all-time tournament win on 4/3. A movie called “65” was released in March, the weekend before the March Madness tournament began. The movie was 93 minutes long, and the championship game took place on the 93rd day of the year. Former UConn alumni Stanley Robinson passed away on July 21, 2020. July 21 can be written as 21/7, and “National Championship” equals 217 in Gematria. Robinson died at age 32, and this year’s tournament began exactly 32 months after his 32nd birthday. “Christ” equals 32 in Gematria, and UConn won the championship on April 3, the date most religious scholars believe Christ was crucified. San Diego State’s head coach entered the championship game on 4/3 on 151 wins. “Jesus Christ” equals 151 and 43 in Gematria. It is also worth noting that Skull and Bones co-founders William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft died in New Haven, Connecticut and San Diego, California respectively.

In other news, Roman Reigns successfully defended his titles against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. Reigns began his reign as Universal Champion on August 30, 2020. He then defeated “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 to win the WWE Championship, thus becoming the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. What I find most interesting about this is that in the Book of Revelation, The Beast reigns for 42 months. Roman Reigns conquered “The Beast” at WrestleMania 38 and then won again at WrestleMania 39, which took place on 4/2. It will be worth keeping an eye on how long Reigns will reign as champion, as next year’s Road to WrestleMania will put him around the 42 month mark. Of course, what would WrestleMania be without the death of a former professional wrestler? It happens every year, and this year was no different. Bushwhacker Butch, whose real name was Robert Miller, died at age 78 in Los Angeles, California on the day of WrestleMania 39 which took place in the same city. “Robert” equals 78 and 39 in Gematria. Many people may remember last year it was Scott Hall who died right before WrestleMania 38. It seemed inevitable that we would get a big name death in advance of WrestleMania 38, as “death” equals 38 in Gematria.

That’s all for now. I will wait until next month to post my thoughts on Donald Trump’s indictment and arraignment and its possible implications for the 2024 Presidential Election. We’re already a quarter of the way through, and 2023 is shaping up to be an interesting year!


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    1. I don’t follow UFC that closely but I did notice that a fighter named “Israel” won, which is ironic since the event took place during Passover. I also saw Trump was in attendance, sitting with Dana White, Kid Rock, and Mike Tyson. The Powers That Be certainly love to keep us entertained!


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