2021 Year in Review

As 2021 comes to a close, I would like to reflect on some of the symbolism that was shown to us this year that may have went over the heads of some people. 2021 was the year of the Ox, which turned out to be the year of the “X.” Dark Man X (DMX) diedContinue reading “2021 Year in Review”

December News

With 2021 coming to a close, and given the type of year it’s been, it seemed only appropriate that news would break on the first day of the month about the Omicron variant being detected in the U.S. The timing is interesting because the variant supposedly came from South Africa. “South Africa” equals 121 inContinue reading “December News”

November News

In this month’s post, I would like to discuss Facebook’s recent name change and their involvement with the creating of the Metaverse. “Metaverse” was first coined in the 1992 novel by Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash. Stephenson’s original idea of a virtual-reality based internet replacing the internet that we currently know is now being brought toContinue reading “November News”

About Me

My name is Justin A. Colberg. I’m the author of “The Man Who Broke Free,” my first self-published book which was released in the summer of 2020. The intended use of this blog is to expound my analysis on the many esoteric motifs found within my book. In other words, prepare to take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole.

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