February News

Despite February being the shortest month of the year, there was certainly no shortage of news stories to discuss. We knew it was going to be a crazy month when Tom Brady, Dr. Phil, and Ozzy Osbourne all made retirement headlines on the same day to begin February. Ironically enough, Dr. Phil appeared on the final episode of The Osbournes back in 2005.

One of Ozzy Osbourne’s most famous songs is Crazy Train, and there was a major train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio this month. The train was carrying harmful toxic chemicals that wound up releasing into the air following the derailment. The craziest part about this story is that the incident occurred on the 71st day of the movie White Noise being released in move theaters, which was about the same exact scenario occurring. “Movie” equals 71 in Gematria. Can it really be coincidental that a movie about a train derailment in Ohio leading to the release of toxic chemicals is the plot of a movie, and then it happens in real life less than three months later? It would seem very unlikely.

A Chinese spy balloon was shot down by the U.S. on February 4, one day after the news about the Ohio train derailment. February 4 was the 35th day of the year. “China” equals 35 in Gematria. The balloon was shot down 131 days before Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s birthday. “Xi Jinping” and “spy balloon” both equal 131 in Gematria. The balloon was shot down and recovered off the coast of South Carolina. “South Carolina” equals 156 in Gematria, and Xi Jinping was born on the date internationally written as 15/6.

A succession of UFOs were shot down by the U.S. in the days following the spy balloon incident. Aliens became the main topic of discussion, despite the White House denying the unidentified vehicles were of extraterrestrial origin. It should come as no surprise that the topic of aliens would make news headlines in the year ’23. “Alien” and “Marduk” both equal 23 in Gematria. As I discussed in my book and in past blog posts, Marduk is Satan. He is the dark alter-ego of Enki, who is the Lord of the Earth (“God”). “Bel” is another one of Marduk’s titles, which means “Lord.” Marduk is believed to be Lord of the constellation Draco. “Draco” also equals 23 in Gematria. It is interesting that Joe Biden chose to address the UFOs on February 16, the 47th day of the year. The infamous Roswell crash occurred in ’47 in New Mexico, the 47th state.

Speaking of Satan, Sam Smith and Kim Petras caused a stir at the Grammy awards on February 5 with their Satanic performance of their hit song Unholy. February 5 can be written as either 5/2 or 2/5. “Devil” equals 52 and 25 in Gematria. Rihanna followed up that performance a week later with a Satanic act of her own at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She wore red, a color symbolic of both the Devil and the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that came back and won the game. Rihanna looked possessed before beginning her act, which instantly became a viral meme. Many of Rihanna’s songs have Satanic subliminal messages, which I discussed in my book. It is quite comical to me how anyone can interpret the song Umbrella as a love song given how blatantly obvious it is how she is having a back-and-forth conversation with Satan through her lyrics, very similar to Madonna’s hit song Frozen. Run This Town is another one of Rihanna’s songs that is very dark. The opening lyrics of the song are about her feeling something coming in the air (something Phil Collins might appreciate), and how she hears screams from everywhere, but advises not to be scared when “it” goes down. What exactly is “it?” Is this song meant to be predictive programming for a future event which will lead into a new world order? Could that be the real reason why Rihanna was selected to perform at this year’s Super Bowl? With the 2024 Great American Eclipse only 13 months away, we may not have to wait long to find out.

Rihanna announced she is pregnant again following her performance at Super Bowl 57. “Birth” equals 57 in Gematria. Rihanna’s dancers wore white-hooded garments during her act, something that may have been intended to symbolically represent sperm. This would tie into the whole child birth theme, as well as it being the Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit symbolically represents fertility. It is also interesting how Rihanna was shown wearing green in the Halftime Show ad. Green is the team color of the Eagles, the losing team in the Super Bowl. The ad was shown long in advance before we knew the Eagles would even be in the Super Bowl. In the same ad, Rihanna’s hair is coiled like a snake, again tying into the Satanic theme of her performance. As far as the actual game itself, the Chiefs won as I predicted they would in last month’s blog post. Tom Brady’s retirement was a big clue, as he retired on the 32nd day of the year. The Chiefs then won, becoming 3-2 all-time in Super Bowls. “Chiefs” equals 32 in Gematria.

As if all of that craziness wasn’t enough, lightning struck the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil on February 10, exactly 15 years to the date from when it struck the statue on February 10, 2008. If that is not a sign of the times we’re living in, then I don’t know what is, folks. Marduk is a storm god known for his ability to throw lightning bolts, similar to Zeus and Thor (two of Marduk’s other aspects). “Marduk” and “Brazil” both have matching Gematria. The lightning strike occurred on the 41st day of the year, and photographer who captured the images was named Fernando. “Fernando” equals 41 in Gematria. Brazil has been going through a difficult time as a country the past couple of months after a disappointing early loss in the FIFA World Cup, followed by the death of Pelé, and the insurrection of their capital.

The Super Bowl took place on the 43rd day of the year, a number that is very important in relation to Jesus. “Jesus Christ” equals 43 in Gematria. Scholars generally agree that April 3 (4/3) was the date Jesus was crucified. I have my own personal beliefs regarding this, as I believe the “Jesus” who actually got crucified was an imposter (Simon Magus), while the real one departed on his own terms. I posted a lengthy blog post a while back regarding what I perceive to the be the truth about Jesus as told to us through the Gnostic texts.

Damar Hamlin caused controversy (again) at the Super Bowl when he wore a jacket with Jesus on it that many Christians interpreted as mockery based on the way Jesus looked. There was also a Jesus ad shown during the Super Bowl that became the subject of much controversy. It was not surprising to see all of these Jesus ritual occur on the 43rd day of the year. Interestingly enough, the NCAA National Championship game takes place on April 3 this year. It will be worth keeping an eye on to see if the Kansas Jayhawks can repeat as champions. “Jesus” equals 61 and 34 in Gematria, and Bill Self can win his 61st tournament game on April 3 (the date internationally written as 3/4). It would be Kansas’ 3rd title in 16 years, and Kansas alumni Joel Embiid was born on 3/16. It will also be 84 days after Georgia repeated as champions in College Football, and this will be the 84th March Madness tournament. The championship game will be held in Houston, the same city where the Cougars play. “Cougars” equals 84 in Gematria. The game will take place 97 days after Self’s birthday. “Kansas” equals 97 in Gematria. The Georgia Bulldogs and Kansas City Chiefs both won this year wearing red jerseys, and the Kansas Jayhawks also wear red.

We’ll see what happens. I’m expecting March to be a very interesting month since Pluto will be entering Aquarius on March 23. Whether or not anything crazy actually occurs in March in relation to this rare astrological occurrence, or in the months to follow, remains to be seen, but I’ll certainly be on the lookout as always. As far as what the next major catastrophe could be, I’ll leave you with this Dr. Pepper commercial that was released in December which has predictive programming written all over it.


January News

Happy New Year! 2023 has finally arrived, and we anxiously await to see what this year will bring. There seems to have been a theme to every year so far this decade. In 2020, it was COVID. In 2021, it was a controversial experimental vaccination. In 2022, it was the war in Ukraine and inflation. How long will we have to wait to see what the theme will be for 2023? If the previous three years have been any indication, it shouldn’t be long.

The biggest news in entertainment this month was the NFL playoffs, and we now know what two teams will be playing in the Super Bowl. It was definitely not the matchup I was anticipating, but the Chiefs and Eagles playing each other on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday does make some level of sense. The Eagles play their home games at Lincoln Financial Field. Abraham Lincoln was best known for the Emancipation Proclamation, which led to the freeing of slaves. Super Bowl 57 will feature two opposing African-American quarterbacks for the first time in league history. In addition, it will also feature two opposing brothers; Travis and Jason Kelce. Philadelphia is, of course, known as The City of Brotherly Love. Patrick Mahomes picked up his 41st career win at home. “Super Bowl” equals 41 in Gematria. Texas Tech beat LSU a day prior in men’s college basketball, and had 41 points at halftime. Mahomes went to Texas Tech and Joe Burrow went to LSU. Mahomes finished the season with a regular season record of 31-7 at home. The game between the Eagles and 49ers ended by a score of 31-7. Bill Russell died on July 31 (31/7) last year. Super Bowl 57 will take place on Bill Russell’s birthday, the 43rd day of the year. The Chiefs/Bengals game ended with a combined score of 43 points.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are both known for their State Farm commercials. Super Bowl 57 will take place in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. “State Farm” equals 103 in Gematria. This is the 103rd NFL season. Patrick Mahomes will enter the Super Bowl with a career record of 10-3 in the playoffs. If his team wins the Super Bowl, he will be 11-3. “Eagles” equals 113 in Gematria. The Eagles and Chiefs last played each other in 2021 on October 3 (10/3). The Chiefs won that game by 12 points, and now those two teams will meet again on the 12th of February. The Chiefs would be 3-2 all-time in Super Bowls with a win. “Chiefs” and “Eagles” both equal 32 in Gematria. The Super Bowl will take place on February 12, which can be written as 1/22 or 2/12. “Kansas City” equals 122 in Gematria, and “Jalen Alexander Hurts” equals 212. Jalen Hurts was born on August 7, the same date as the mayor of Philadelphia. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was born on September 8, the same date this year’s NFL season began. Lurie is 71-years-old, and the last time the Chiefs and Eagles played was exactly 71 weeks before Super Bowl 57. Former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson died on August 24, 2022. “Kansas City Chiefs” equals 172 in Gematria, and Dawson died 172 days prior to Super Bowl 57.

Andy Reid is the head coach of the Chiefs, who used to be the head coach of the Eagles. Reid can pick up his 269th all-time win if the Chiefs win Super Bowl 57. 269 is the 57th prime number. The Eagles would fall to 17-11 at home in the playoffs with a loss. “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” equals 1711 in Gematria. The Chiefs would improve to 6-4 against the Eagles all-time with a win. “Kansas City Chiefs” equals 64 in Gematria, and Andy Reid is currently 64 years old. Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, is currently 57 years old as his team will try to win Super Bowl 57. The Chiefs last beat the Eagles exactly 71 weeks prior to this year’s Super Bowl. 71 is the 20th prime number, and the Chiefs can pick up their 20th all-time win in the playoffs. Philadelphia sports team have been on a roll lately in terms of making it to the championship game. The Philadelphia Union went to the MLS Cup Final and lost. The Philadelphia Phillies went to the World Series and lost. The Philadelphia Eagles went to the Super Bowl (result TBD). The Philadelphia 76ers are currently one of the hottest teams in the NBA. They will be a team worth keeping an eye on as the NBA playoffs inch closer. One has to wonder why Philadelphia has suddenly become the top sports city in the past year.

Anyone who’s followed my work knows that I believe we are living through the seven-year tribulation period mentioned in Revelation, which began in 2017 and will conclude in 2024 with the Great American Eclipse on April 8. Philadelphia is mentioned in Revelation (albeit not the same Philadelphia located in Pennsylvania). Kobe Bryant was from Philadelphia, and he was the first major celebrity death of this decade. All of these Philadelphia rituals may very well be a sign of the times we’re in. If you need more reason to believe the times are strange, just look at what happened to Damar Hamlin earlier this month. Hamlin suffered from cardiac arrest in the middle of the field. All of his teammates gathered around him and kneeled, with the exception of one played named Neal. Hamlin wears #3, and he remained in critical condition in the hospital until he woke on the third day, ala the resurrected Christ. He then sparked conspiracy theories about him being a clone when he was shown at the Bills/Bengals game on January 22 with his face covered and flashing Illuminati hand signs. The timing was interesting because January 22 was the initial release date of the movie Infinity Pool which was about clones. Damar Hamlin fed into the conspiracies by posting a picture of himself on Twitter with the word “clone” as the caption. He made this post on the 23rd day of ’23. “Clone” equals 23 in Gematria. Hamlin finally showed his face for the first time since his release from the hospital in a video he posted on the 28th, 23 days after he woke up in the hospital. If Damar is simply trolling everyone, why all the connections to the number 23? And why troll people after his miraculous recovery? If I was recently on my death bed and received a miracle, the last thing on my mind would be wanting to troll people for a laugh. The timing of Hollywood releasing a movie about clones on the same day as his appearance at the game also seems more than a bit odd. It’s also interesting how this whole ordeal happened to Hamlin prior to the Super Bowl 57 taking place on Lincoln’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln’s vice-president was Hannibal Hamlin. “Hamlin” and “Abe Lincoln” equal 57 in Gematria.

These are interesting times, indeed. If January was any indication of what’s in store for 2023, then we may be in for a wild ride. I should note that while I believe the Chiefs will win Super Bowl 57, it is far from a guarantee. The last time the Eagles won the Super Bowl was in 2018, months after the Houston Astros won the World Series and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals. The Astros just won the World Series in November and the Warriors won the NBA Finals in June, so it’s possible for déjà vu to strike if the Eagles should prevail. David Crosby just passed away, and his band Crosby, Stills, and Nash had a hit album called Déjà Vu. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


December News

December was a busy month. Between the holiday season and sports/political news, there’s a lot to discuss. First, we had the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup which resulted in Argentina defeating France. How appropriate was it for these two teams to meet in the Final on the same weekend that Pope Francis turned 86-years-old? Argentina is Pope Francis’ home country, and they had not won the World Cup since ’86. The Pope is a Jesuit, and the Jesuit Order was founded in Paris, France. As I have mentioned many times on blog, the Jesuit Order (also known as the Society of Jesus), are the ones who run the show here on Earth. “FIFA” and “Jesuits” equal 86 in Gematria. “Saudi Arabia” also equals 86 in Gematria, and the tournament began with Argentina losing to Saudi Arabia in one of the greatest upsets in World Cup history. Saudi Arabia’s national flag is green. “Green” equals 86 in Gematria, and as I mentioned in my previous post, the news of the Green Power Ranger’s death broke on the first day of the World Cup. The Mets signed Justin Verlander to an $86 million deal prior to the World Cup Final. The Mets have not won the World Series since ’86. The Pope will still be 86-years-old when the 2023 World Series concludes. Could we possibly see the Mets win it all after Argentina won their first World Cup since ’86?

One of the biggest mainstream media stories in November, prior to the World Cup, was how Nazism was being endorsed by the likes of Kanye West and Kyrie Irving. Argentina became a Nazi safe haven following World War II, and there are many conspiracies about how Adolf Hitler himself fled to Argentina after the war and died there as an old man, going against the official narrative of him committing suicide. Could it really be a coincidence that Argentina won the World Cup following all of the Nazi and antisemitism propaganda being promoted by the mainstream media? We are told that Hitler died at age 56, but remember that “Society of Jesus” equals 56 in Gematria, and Hitler was undoubtedly under the influence of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits control Freemasonry, and Argentina’s Lionel Messi was born on June 24, the date the first Grand Lodge was established. June 24 is also the Feast of John the Baptist, who is associated with water baptism. This is interesting when you consider how the movie Avatar: The Way of Water was released the same weekend as the World Cup Final. In addition, Didier Deschamps, the coach of France, is nicknamed “The Water-Carrier.” Anyone who has followed my work knows that the Sumerian god Enki is known as the water-bearer, and will be the ruler of the coming new Age of Aquarius.

Enki is associated with Aquarius, but he also has his connections with Capricorn, whose Zodiac symbol is the sea goat. How ironic is it that Lionel Messi cemented his legacy as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) right before the start of Capricorn? Not only that, but 11 days after the World Cup Final concluded, soccer legend Pelé passed away. Two soccer GOATs made headlines in December, marking the beginning of Capricorn (the sea goat). Capricorn is ruled over by Saturn, and the World Cup Final took place during Saturnalia, the holiday when the ancient Romans venerated Saturn. In my book, The Man Who Broke Free, I wrote about Enki’s connection to Saturn/Satan and how Marduk is his dark alter ego. Marduk was the patron god of Babylon, who is also believed to have been one and the same as Nimrod, the notorious Babylonian King. Nimrod’s birthday is believed to be December 25, coinciding with the winter solstice. It should be no surprise that the movie Babylon was released this month during Christmas weekend. The origins of Christmas appear to date back to Nimrod, or Marduk, the false Christ/Antichrist, which is why Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on this date. As many people are probably aware, Santa is an anagram of SATAN. There are even ancient depictions of Nimrod as a man with a long beard, holding a reindeer and tree.

The date April 19 is very significant to the Global Elite, as it marks the beginning of a 13-day Satanic festival which culminates on May 1, the founding date of the Bavarian Illuminati. It was reported in the news this month that Pope Emeritus Benedict is in poor health. Benedict is from Bavaria and his Papacy began in 2005 on April 19. What are the odds? Joe Biden also chose April 19 as the date for the COVID inoculations to be made available to the general public. Could it really be a coincidence that a date dedicated to The Beast and mass human sacrifice was also the same day these shots began being distributed? April 19 is also the date the movie Murder by Numbers was released. Why would Hollywood release a movie about murder on the same date associated with Satan and sacrificial death? In the title of the movie, the letter “E” is “Murder” is shaped as a “3,” and the letter “B” in “Numbers” is shaped as an “8.” In Gematria, “death,” “killing,” “murder,” and “RIP” all equal 38. The band Slipknot have a song called Gematria (The Killing Name). There is also a movie called Pi that is about a man who becomes obsessed with numbers and Gematria. Coincidentally enough, that movie was released on July 10, my birthday. Isn’t it funny how everything in our Universe is connected?

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year despite the fact that I believe 2023 will be a very challenging year as we move closer to the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse. Thank you for your support by purchasing my book and reading my blog. I truly enjoy sharing this knowledge and learning from you all. Until next year…


November News

November has been quite an interesting month, as anticipated. It began with the midterm elections, which just so happened to coincide with a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and the bankruptcy of FTX. We then had the big (bigly?) announcement that Donald Trump will run for president in 2024. With all that said, I would like to begin this month’s news by talking about the FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup began on Joe Biden’s birthday, November 20. News broke on this day that actor/martial artist Jason David Frank committed suicide at age 49. Frank was best known as being the face of the Power Rangers franchise. He was the original Green Power Ranger, which is ironic because “green” equals 49 in Gematria. His name on the Power Rangers was Tommy Oliver, and “Tommy” also equals 49 in Gematria. This news came just three months after Rugby star Paul Green committed suicide at age 49 on August 11. August 11 can be written as 11/8, and Jason David Frank was born on September 4, the day leaving 118 days in the year. September 4 can be written as 4/9, similar to how Jason David Frank died at age 49. Frank was also known by his initials, JDF. “JDF” equals 11 and 20 in Gematria, similar to how the news of his death was reported on the date 11/20. JDF was born in ’73, and the mainstream media reported his death on a 73 date numerology. “Sacrifice” equals 73 in Gematria. Was JDF’s a ritual sacrifice prior to the 30-year anniversary of the long-running kids action TV series which is set to feature many of the original Power Rangers? Could it even be possible that his death coming on the same date as the World Cup was a ritual sacrifice for a certain green team to win in the Final? In addition to the death of Paul Green and the Green Power Ranger, the Boston Celtics (the green team) participated in this year’s NBA Finals. Saudi Arabia (the country with the green flag) also pulled off an unfathomable upset when they defeated Argentina in the opening round. Why has the color green been featured so prominently in the year 2022? Could the movie Soylent Green, which released in 1973 and was set in the year 2022, have been predictive programming for what was to come this year? It is also interesting to note that the Green Power Ranger was known for playing his Dragon Dagger like a flute, similar to how the Greek god Pan (who is associated with the Green Man) was known for playing music on his flute in Greek mythology.

I find it quite ironic how this year’s World Cup Final falls on December 18 (18/12). The War of 1812 ended in a draw between the U.S. and the U.K. The U.S. played England on November 25, and the game ended in a draw. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth and the Prime Minister chaos that’s happened this year in the U.K., it will be worth keeping an eye on how far England takes it this year in the World Cup. Could we get an England Vs. Brazil Final? Brazil is the favorite to win, and they are the team with the green flag. The last time those two teams played each other was on November 14, 2017, which so happens to be King Charles’ birthday. Speaking of the King, there was a Looney Tunes movie released on June 14 this year titled King Tweety. June 14 fell 86 days prior to the King taking over the throne on September 8. “King” equals 86 in Gematria. “Tweety” equals 98 in Gematria, like the date the King took over (9/8).

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s upset win over Argentina, it is ironic how this game took place on the anniversary of the JFK assassination. Diego Maradona helped Argentina win the World Cup in ’86, and there is a character named Diego Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy who died in Season 2, three days after travelling back in time to try to stop the JFK assassination. The character Diego from the show died on November 25. This was the same date Diego Maradona wound up dying. Season 2 aired prior to Maradona’s death in 2020. 86 is a significant number, because Argentinian-native Pope Francis will turn 86-years-old the day before the World Cup Final. “Saudi Arabia” and “FIFA” also equal 86 in Gematria. To be 86’d is slang terminology meaning to be cancelled or gotten rid of, so it is appropriate for Argentina to have suffered an embarrassing defeat on the anniversary date that JFK was killed given the 86 connection between the two teams.

Speaking of presidential assassinations, something else I found interesting was how actor Andrew Lincoln was brought back for the series finale of The Walking Dead. The final episode was titled “Rest in Peace,” and it aired on Joe Biden’s birthday. Biden… Lincoln… Rest in Peace? I have spoken frequently on my blog about the parallels between Lincoln, Kennedy and Biden and how every 20 years around the time of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the president in office (or president-elect) either dies in office, is assassinated, or has an assassination attempted against them. Joe Biden is the next president in line to test this curse known as the “Curse of Tippecanoe.” Keep in mind, former Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died by assassination earlier this year. The last name “Abe” is the same as the first name “Abe,” as in Abe Lincoln. Super Bowl 57 will take place in February on the anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday. Could all of these Lincoln rituals be predictive programming for Biden’s fate as president? If so, it may not occur until Biden turns 81 next November. “Ritual” equals 81 in Gematria. “Sacrifice” equals 46, and Biden is the 46th president. Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden died at age 46.

As I’m sure many people have noticed, there has been a lot of craziness in the past month surrounding Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West. He confessed in an interview that his mother was sacrificed (along with other relatives of famous celebrities). Ye released the album Donda, in tribute to his mother, on August 29, 2021. The album was released 73 days prior to the anniversary of his mother’s death on November 10. “Sacrifice” equals 73 in Gematria. He also released the album Graduation on September 11, 2007, which was 61 days before Donda’s death. “Graduation” equals 61 in Gematria. The word “death” and the name “Donda” overlap each other perfectly in Gematria.

Kanye’s recent outbursts and antisemitic remarks have deemed most people to believe him to be crazy, however, anyone who has followed my blog knows that celebrities like him are MK-Ultra mind control puppets, meaning Ye will say and do whatever his handlers tell him to no matter how bad it makes him look. Did anyone notice how Ye announced his ’24 bid for the White House on the 24th of November? “Ye” equals 24 in Gematria. The 2024 election is already shaping up to be a bigger circus than originally thought with both Trump and Ye having officially entered the mix.

We’ll see if 2022 ends on a positive note. That may be asking for a lot given the way this decade has progressed, unfortunately.


October News

One of the biggest international news stories this month, aside from the ongoing situation in Ukraine, was the U.K. installing its third prime minister in a seven-week time span. It all began, of course, when Boris Johnson stepped down as PM, leaving Liz Truss to take his place. Truss served a mere 45 days before she resigned from her position. “Resigned” equals 45 in Gematria. What’s ironic here is that there is something called a queen post truss, which is a truss style only suitable for relatively short spans. Truss’ tenure as prime minister was the shortest-serving reign in the history of the U.K. Her reign began on September 6 (9/6), two days prior to the Queen’s passing at age 96. Truss resigned on October 20. This was 9 months, 6 days prior to her next birthday. Truss was born in 1975, 96 days after Queen Elizabeth’s April 21 birthday. Truss’ full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss. The Queen’s full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

As if that wasn’t blatant enough, the newest prime minister of England, Rishi Sunak, is the country’s first Hindu PM and was installed as Leader of the Conservative Party on October 24, the same day as the Hindu holiday known as Diwali. The mainstream media captured a photo of him walking in front of two pillars with the number “3” on each of them. “England” and “Masonry” both equal 33 in Gematria. 33 is also the highest degree one can achieve in Freemasonry. The two pillars combined with “33” are very blatant Masonic symbolism. The first Grand Lodge was established in London, England. October 24 was the 297th day of the year, and “Prime Minister Rishi Sunak” equals 297 in Gematria. “U.K. Prime Minister” also equals 200 in Gematria, and there are 200 days from October 24 to Sunak’s next birthday on May 12. Ironically, Truss beat out Sunak with 57% of the votes after Boris Johnson resigned, and now Sunak becomes the 57th U.K. Prime Minister after Truss resigned.

57 is a significant number, because Super Bowl 57 takes place in February. The NFL season began on the day the Queen died. One of the surprise teams in the NFL this year is the Minnesota Vikings whose team color is purple. Purple is the color of royalty. The Vikings were the first team to win in England this season after defeating the New Orleans Saints. “England” equals 57 in Gematria. Prince died on April 21, the same date as the Queen’s birthday. Prince was from Minnesota and had a hit song called “Purple Rain.” Prince also had a song called “I Would Die 4 U.” The letter “U” is the 21st letter of the alphabet, so “4 U” would be 4 21, like the date he died. How ironic is it that the man named “Prince” died on the Queen’s birthday? In addition, Prince died at age 57. How fitting would it be to see the Minnesota Vikings playing in Super Bowl 57 in tribute to Minnesota legend Prince who died on the Queen’s birthday, when the Queen died at the start of the NFL season?

Speaking of football, it was reported that former Georgia Bulldogs coach Vince Dooley passed away at age 90. He died on October 28, the same date the Phillies played Game 1 of the World Series. “Phillies” equals 90 in Gematria. Dooley’s only National Championship victory came in 1980, the same year the Phillies won their first World Series. Dooley passed away 73 days prior to the next National Championship game, occurring on January 9, 2023. “Sacrifice” and “Georgia Bulldogs” both equal 73 in Gematria. Georgia and Ohio State are currently the two favorites to win the National Championship. Former Ohio State alumni Dwayne Haskins passed away earlier this year on April 9. He wore #7 and #3 during his NFL career. Vince Dooley was born on September 4. Haskins’ death date and Dooley’s birthdate can both be written interchangeably as 9/4 or 4/9. This is the 153rd college football season, and “Dwayne Haskins” equals 153 in Gematria. The NFL season began on September 8, which was the 153rd day of Haskins’ death. “Jesuit Order” also equals 153 in Gematria, and it is the Jesuits who run the world. The Jesuit Order is synonymous with the Illuminati. “The Illuminati” also equals 153 in Gematria. Dooley died on the 203rd day of Haskins’ death. “Satanic ritual” equals 203 in Gematria.

My Mets/Mariners World Series prediction did not come to fruition, as the Mets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, while the Mariners were eliminated in the second round. One of the reasons why I liked the Mets and Mariners was because I noticed the New York Giants were playing the Seattle Seahawks the same weekend as the World Series. We often see the same two cities match up in different sports when there’s a big championship event going on. Lo and behold, it turned out that the Philadelphia Eagles played the Houston Texans on the same date that Game 5 of the World Series took place between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros. 46 points were scored between the Eagles and Texans, and the Astros participated in their 4th World Series in 6 years. “Houston Texas” equals 46 in Gematria. Another big clue as to why the Astros would be playing in this year’s World Series was that Game 1 took place 204 days after the MLB season began on April 7. “Houston Astros” equals 204 in Gematria. Justin Verlander also finished his season with a 20-4 record.

This was the 118th edition of the World Series, and “The Astros” equals 118 in Gematria. The album Astroworld by Travis Scott was released on August 3, 2018. The Astros won the World Series on November 5 after completing their 666th game played since the release date of that album. The Astros also won the World Series on the one-year anniversary date of the Astroworld Festival incident where 8 flames went up on stage prior to 8 people dying the same night at the festival in a crowd crush. Travis Scott was born on April 30, the same date the Church of Satan was established. The Astroworld Festival incident occurred 666 months and 6 days after the Church of Satan was established. November 5, 2021 was also the same date Astros manager Dusty Baker signed his one-year contract with the team.

Dusty Baker picked up his 258th win as manager of the Astros with the World Series win. “Number of the Beast” equals 258 in Gematria. The Philadelphia Phillies fell to 16-27 all-time in World Series games. 1627 is the 258th prime number. The full name of the Astros manager is “Johnnie B. ‘Dusty’ Baker Jr.” This equals 309 in Gematria, and the Astros won the World Series on the 309th day of the year.

It is interesting to note that pop singer Aaron Carter died on the same day the Astros won the World Series. He reportedly died from drowning in a bathtub on November 5 (11/5). “Bathtub” and “killing” both equal 115 in Gematria. Whitney Houston also died from drowning in a bathtub. How ironic is it that Aaron Carter would die the same way Houston did on the same day that Houston won the World Series?

The Astros finished the 2022 playoffs with a record of 11-2. “Houston” equals 112 in Gematria. “Jeremy Pena” also equals 112, and Pena won the World Series MVP award. The Astros won their 2nd World Series in 6 years, while the Phillies dropped to 2-6 in the World Series. 101 is the 26th prime number, and “Philadelphia” equals 101 in Gematria. The Phillies were also eliminated on the same day the Philadelphia Union lost in the MLS Cup.

Well folks, that’s all for this month’s news edition. Join me again at the end of November for a recap of all the latest news events. We have a total lunar eclipse occurring on November 8, the same date as the midterm elections. There should be plenty to discuss from the fallout. Stay tuned!


September News

Queen Elizabeth II passed away this month, and as you would expect, there were plenty of riddles coinciding with her death occurring on September 8. Firstly, September 8 is the Feast Day of the Virgin Mary. This is significant because the Virgin Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven, and Queen Elizabeth II’s full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. The death of the Queen occurred on the 251st day of the year. “Death of the Queen” equals 251 in Gematria. The Queen was coronated on June 2, 1953, meaning her most recent (and final) coronation anniversary occurring on June 2, 2022 marked 69 years. “Queen Elizabeth” equals 69 in Gematria. Her death on 9/8 came 98 days after June 2. She died at age 96, and “corona” equals 96 in Gematria. “Corona” means “crown,” like what a queen wears on her head. We are also, of course, living during the time of a coronavirus pandemic. You can also see the Sun’s corona during a total solar eclipse, and the Queen died exactly 19 months prior to the next Great American Eclipse which occurs on April 8, 2024. “Queen” equals 19 in Gematria. “Elizabeth Alexandra Mary” equals 225 in Gematria, and the Queen died 225 days prior to what would have been her next birthday.

The Queen also died 67 days before her successor King Charles’ birthday. “King” equals 67 in Gematria. Her burial was held on September 19, 56 days before Charles’ birthday. “Society of Jesus” equals 56, and anyone who follows my blog knows about the number 56 and the Jesuits who I believe run the world. It is worth noting that right after the Queen died, Disney announced a new Lion King movie will be coming out in 2024, the same year as the Great American Eclipse. This is even more interesting when you consider how the voice actor for Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from the original 1994 Lion King movie was born on September 8. The popular Disney song, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” comes from Simba and The Lion King. How ironic is it that the Simba voice actor was born on the same day the King took over the throne from the Queen? Furthermore, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was also in a 1996 Pinocchio movie, and a new Pinocchio movie starring Tom Hanks was released on Disney+ on September 8.

Boxer Canelo Alvarez picked up his 58th career win, 58 days before King Charles’ birthday. It was his 62nd fight, and “Queen” equals 62 in Gematria. This is all relevant because Alvarez is known as the King of Boxing, and wore a crown after his victory. “Crown” also equals 62 in Gematria.

A movie about Weird Al Yankovic was also released on September 8. This is interesting when you consider how Weird Al Yankovic parodied Coolio’s hit song Gangsta’s Paradise, and then Coolio wound up dying 20 days later on September 28. “Death” equals 20 in Gematria. Coolio died at age 59 on a 59 date numerology, on the 59th day of his age. Weird Al was born in ’59, and “Weird” equals 59 in Gematria. Coolio supposedly died from a heart attack. “Heart Attack” and “Fifty-Nine” both equal 108 in Gematria. The running time for the Weird Al movie is 108 minutes. Arguably the most craziest synchronicity involving Coolio’s death was how he died on the 46-year anniversary of the release date of Stevie Wonder’s album Songs in the Key of Life. That album featured the song Pastime Paradise, which was sampled by Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise. The words “rap” and “sacrifice” both equal 46 in Gematria. Was Coolio’s death a blood sacrifice? “Songs in the Key of Life” equals 289 in Gematria, and Coolio died on 28/9. “Gangsta’s Paradise” equals 271 in Gematria, and Coolio died on the 271st day of the year.

Another death occurred on September 28 when former NFL tight end Gavin Escobar passed away. Escobar died in an apparent rock climbing accident. “Gavin Escobar” and “rock climbing” both equal 116 in Gematria. Furthermore, Escobar wore #89 with the Cowboys. “Eighty-Nine” also equals 116 in Gematria. He died on a Wednesday, but the mainstream media didn’t break the news until Thursday night. “Thursday” equals 116 in Gematria. The news broke around the time the Miami Dolphins were playing their Thursday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The last team Escobar played for was the Miami Dolphins. The quarterback for the Miami dolphins was badly injured during the game and needed to be stretchered off the field and taken to a hospital. “Hospital” equals 116 in Gematria. All of these synchronicities tied into the number 116 might make one say “holy shit.” “Holy shit” also equals 116 in Gematria. Escobar died at age 31, and the news about his death broke 127 days before what would’ve been his next birthday. 127 is the 31st prime number.

Ironically enough, Gavin Escobar made his season debut in 2013 on September 8, the same date that this year’s NFL season began on. As you can see, September 8 was a significant date this month. September 8 is also the birthday of Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole, and Aaron Judge tied Roger Maris’ home run record with Cole on the mound. It is interesting when you consider how we had a new king crowned on September 8, and Judge became tied as the Yankees home run king while Cole got the win. The name Cole may remind you of Old King Cole. Judge hit the historic 61st home run 174 days after he MLB season began on April 7. “Aaron Judge” equals 174 in Gematria. The home run came off of Blue Jays pitcher Tim Mayza, who was pitching in his 61st game of the season. “Judge ties Maris” equals 61 in Gematria. “Aaron Judge, Roger Maris” equals 219 in Gematria, and Judge’s 61st home run of the season was the 219th of his career. Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth’s home run record by hitting 61 home runs in ’61, and now Judge has tied his record 61 years later.

The MLB playoffs are about to begin in October, and I personally believe the New York Mets have an excellent chance to win the World Series. It may sound biased for me to say that since I grew up as a Mets fan. Fanhood aside, however, I do believe they have a lot of solid riddles in their favor. The month of September was all about the number 62. The Queen died (“Queen” equals 62 in Gematria), Aaron Judge pursued his quest for 62 home runs to break Roger Maris’ record, Canelo Alvarez fought in his 62nd fight, a film about Weird Al was released while he is 62 years old, etc. If the Mets win their division, they would have the opportunity to win the World Series on 62 playoff wins. The Mets inaugural season was in ’62. “Seattle Mariners” equals 62 in Gematria, and John Stearns passed away in September. Stearns was a catcher for the Mets, but he was last involved in the Seattle Mariners organization as a coach. Anthony Varvaro also passed away in September. Varvaro was a pitcher for the Braves and Mariners, and he died on September 11 as the Braves were playing the Mariners. He died in a car accident while on his away to Manhattan for a 9/11 memorial. It is also worth noting that the widow of Gil Hodges also passed away this month. Gil Hodges was the manager of the ’69 Mets, which won the World Series. Hodges was inducted into the baseball hall of fame over the summer.

I will return in October to discuss more news and further break down the MLB playoffs. We’re coming up on 18 months until the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse, so things should start intensifying relatively soon. Stay tuned!


August News

August may have seemed like a relatively slow news month, however, there were quite a number of stories in the news that caught my attention. The first one occurred on August 4, which also happened to be Barack Obama’s birthday. Lightning struck 4 victims near the White House, killing three and injuring one. Anyone who has followed my blog, knows that I firmly believe we live in a simulation that is controlled by the Jesuit Order (and malevolent ET’s on a higher level). It is interesting how three died, and the word “three” equals 56 in Gematria. “Society of Jesus” also equals 56, and Barack Obama was the winner of the 56th U.S. presidential election. The name “Barack” actually derives from the Hebrew word for “lightning.” August 4 was also a Thursday, and Thursday was named after the Norse god Thor. As a storm god, Thor was known for his association with lightning. Do you see the irony of an event like this happening on a Thursday in Washington D.C. on Barack Obama’s 61st birthday? “Washington D.C.” equals 56 and 61 in Gematria. Coincidentally enough, two of the victims who were killed were celebrating their 56-year anniversary. The number 56 has been the Jesuits calling card for a long time. It is the reason why 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence, and why there were 56 passengers on Flight 175 during the 9/11 attacks.

The lone victim who survived the lightning strike was 28-year old Amber Escudero-Kontostathis. If you look at the below image of this woman, you’ll notice the “new day” logo featured directly behind her. She is also wearing a necklace depicting the rays of the sun (similar to the IHS Jesuit logo). The phrase “new day” has occult origins, and it is also associated with Barack Obama’s campaign logo which featured the rising sun. Her name “Amber” even originates from the Greek word “elektron.” This word is associated with “elektor,” which was used in the Iliad to mean “the beaming sun.” This is actually humorous because Obama has long-been associated with conspiracy theories involving him being either a clone or reincarnation of Akhenaten, the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who ended polytheism in his country and demanded his people to worship only one god, the Aten. The Aten was an aspect of the Sun god Ra, and was represented by an image of a Sun disc.

Two other major news stories this month involved the deaths of two famous female celebrities, Olivia Newton-John and Anne Heche. Beginning first with Olivia Newton-John, the singer/actress best known for her performance in Grease passed away at age 73 on August 8, 2022. Her death came 56 days (there’s that number again) after the 44-year anniversary of the release date of Grease. She died from cancer, and “cancer” equals 44 in Gematria. Her death was very much connected to John Travolta, as she died 49 days before her next birthday and 316 days after her last one. John Travolta was born on February 18, which is the 49th day of the year and the day that leaves 316 days in the year. It’s also worth noting that John Travolta is a Scientologist, and the Church of Scientology was incorporated on the same day he was born. What are the odds?

Anne Heche was involved in a horrific car crash on August 5. She was taken into ambulance #63, as seen in the photo below. “Anne Heche” equals 63 in Gematria. She was driving a Mini Cooper at the time of the incident, and “Mini Cooper” also equals 63. Heche wound up spending a total of 6 days, 7 nights in the hospital before her death on August 11. She starred in a movie alongside Harrison Ford called Six Days, Seven Nights. That movie was released on June 12, 1998. The news about Anne Heche being taken off life support broke on August 14, which was 63 days after the anniversary of the movie’s release. Heche died on 11/8 at age 53 in Los Angeles. “Los Angeles” equals 53 in Gematria, and “Los Angeles, California” equals 118.

In my November News blog post last year, I wrote about Donald Trump’s connection to the number 88. “Trump” equals 88 in Gematria. Right on cue, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago on August 8 (8/8). The raid also occurred on the 56th day of Donald Trump’s last birthday. I wrote earlier in this post about the Jesuit’s connection to the number 56, and federal agencies such as the FBI and the CIA are controlled by the Jesuits.

Another death that occurred, that didn’t garner as much attention as Olivia Newton-John and Anne Heche, was the death of singer Q Lazzarus. She actually died on July 19, but the news of her death was not reported until August 18. Her real name was Diane Luckey, which equals 61 in Gematria. Luckey died at age 61. She was best known for her 1988 song “Goodbye Horses.” The news of her death broke about 48 hours prior to the Buffalo Bills preseason victory over the Denver Broncos. “Goodbye Horses” was featured in the movie Silence of the Lambs in an iconic scene with serial killer Buffalo Bill. The Denver Broncos logo features a white horse, a symbol of death. So, you can see the connection there between the movie, her song, and the timing of the announcement of her death prior to the NFL game. Before the preseason even started, I predicted that the Buffalo Bills would defeat the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game on January 29, 2023. That prediction looks even stronger now, especially when you consider the 57 total points that were scored in the preseason game. Super Bowl 57 takes place next year in February. “Goodbye Horses” equals 194 in Gematria, and the AFC Championship game takes place 194 days after Luckey’s death. “Q Lazzarus” equals 42 in Gematria, and the Bills won the preseason game with 42 points.

There was an assassination attempt this month on novelist Salmon Rushdie, who authored The Satanic Verses. This book made Rushdie famous due its controversial nature. Many Muslims took offense to the book’s reference to the Quranic Satanic Verses involving Muhammad, which led to a fatwa being issued on Rushdie by the Ayatollah of Iran. For anyone who is a fan of the comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm, there was an entire season based on this. The assassination attempt came on August 12, which was 54 days after Rushdie’s birthday. “Salman Rushdie” and “Islam” both equal 54 in Gematria. His full name, “Ahmed Salman Rushdie” equals 311 in Gematria, and the assassination attempt came 311 days before his next birthday.

August 24 was Kobe Bryant Day. It was declared Kobe Bryant Day in Los Angeles following Kobe’s death in 2020, and the date 8/24 was chosen because Kobe wore #8 and #24 during his playing career. Kobe’s birthday is August 23, one day prior. Kobe would’ve turned 44 years old on August 23, and the Dodgers picked up their 44th home win of the season against the Milwaukee Brewers on this date. “Wisconsin” equals 44 in Gematria. Tony Gonsolin won the game for the Dodgers and improved to 16-1 on the season. “Los Angeles” equals 161 in Gematria. Gonsolin wears #26, and the Dodgers won the game by a score of 10-1. 101 is the 26th prime number. Kobe Bryant died on the 26th of January. Also recall how the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers both won championships in 2020 in the same year as Kobe’s death.

On August 24, former Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Len Dawson passed away. August 24 was a date with 54 numerology (8+24+22=54), and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54 a week after Kobe Bryant’s death in 2020. What are the odds that this man would die on the 24th on Kobe Bryant Day, which also happened to be 24 days before Patrick Mahomes’ birthday? Dawson wore #16, and Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant won a $16 million lawsuit on the same day! What’s also ironic is how there is a player on the Buffalo Bills named Dawson Knox whose brother Luke passed away a week prior to Len Dawson’s death. Luke Knox also wore #16 while playing football in college.

In addition to all of that, perhaps the most bizarre ritual that occurred on Kobe Bryant Day happened when George Kirby of the Seattle Mariners set a new MLB record by throwing 24 consecutive strikes to start the game. 24 consecutive strikes on Kobe Bryant Day? Again, Kobe wore #24. George Kirby is also 24 years old and was born on February 4 (2/4). The name “George” also equals 24 in Gematria. Remember, Kobe was buried in Corona del Mar, and the first case of coronavirus in the U.S. was confirmed in Seattle just days prior to Kobe’s passing. Hilariously enough, there is a city in Japan named Kobe which is a sister city to Seattle, making the Mariners connection even more eye-opening. The name “Kobe” even sounds similar to “Kirby.” There is even a player on the Seattle Seahawks named Coby Bryant. On the same day George Kirby set that MLB record, the Los Angeles Dodgers again beat the Milwaukee Brewers. This time it was by a score of 12-6. Kobe Bryant died on January 26 (1/26).

I hope everyone enjoyed this month’s news report. As always, I will be back next month to break down the news events and continue to show how everything in our world is connected. Until then, be safe!


July News

What a chaotic month July has been. It couldn’t have possibly gotten off to a more terrible start than having a mass shooting occur on the 4th of July, as America celebrated its 246-year anniversary. As usual, nothing is coincidental, and this event was no exception. The mainstream media reported 24 injured and 6 dead on America’s 246-year anniversary. Of course, 246 has already been a significant number this year. Roe V. Wade was recently overturned on June 24, the date that can be written as 24/6. The shooting occurred eighty-one days after Abe Lincoln was shot. This is significant because “eighty one” equals 624 in Gematria. The shooting occurred in Illinois, the state that calls itself the Land of Lincoln. The 624/246 pattern has been prevalent in a variety of ways in the public eye, even in sports. Tom Brady will enter next season on 624 passing touchdowns for his career.

The Fourth of July shooting occurred in Highland Park, Illinois. Professional golfer Scottie Scheffler and NFL Quarterback Matthew Stafford both attended Highland Park High School, which is located in Dallas, Texas. Matthew Stafford won Super Bowl 56 with the Rams this year, and Scottie Scheffler won The Masters Tournament 56 days later. The shooting occurred 20 weeks, 1 day after Stafford’s Super Bowl win. The numbers 56 and 201 are connected to the Jesuits, because “Society of Jesus” equals 56 in Gematria, and “The Jesuit Order” equals 201. As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, the Jesuits are the ones who run the world.

A few days after the shooting occurred, a seventh victim was pronounced dead. The number 7 is the 4th prime number, and the shooting occurred on 7/4 (the date which can also be written as 4/7). The shooter, Robert Crimo, had an obvious obsession for the number 47, as he had the number tattooed on his face. Crimo’s uncle also had the number 47 labeled on his car. It’s worth noting that the CIA was established in ’47. I wrote extensively in a previous blog post about the CIA’s involvement in the MKUltra program. Prior to his Instagram account being deleted, Robert Crimo made a post admitting that he’s a product of MKUltra. Crimo was a local rapper, and had released an EP in 2022 called Brainwashed, which featured an avatar of a cartoon character shooting a gun. Keep in mind, the Freemason square and compass is set to 47 degrees. Ever since Joe Biden’s presidency began, I’ve predicted that he will likely die in office and Kamala Harris would take over as the 47th president. “President” equals 47 in Gematria.

What are the odds that four days after this shooting occurred (a shooting which had Abe Lincoln connections), former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe would be assassinated? The assassination also came a day after Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister of England, which was exactly one-year to the date after the assassination of Jovenel Moise, the president of Haiti. “Shinzo Abe” equals 144 in Gematria, and Abe Lincoln was shot on April 14 (14/4), adding to the connections between the two Abes. The name “Abe” equals 8 in Gematria, and Shinzo Abe was killed on the eight day of the month.

Another significant event that occurred this month was the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, which were bombed on July 6. This date is interesting for multiple reasons. The Guidestones have been referred to as the “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist” partly due to their blatant reference to depopulation. No one knows for sure who built them. We only know that it was commissioned by a man who went by the pseudonym R.C. Christian, which is an apparent tribute to Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order.

Since many people believe the Georgia Guidestones have Satanic origins, it seems appropriate that the infamous Georgia monument would be destroyed on the anniversary of the death of Charlie Daniels from the Charlie Daniels Band. He was best known for his hit song The Devil Went Down to Georgia. July 6 is also the birthdate of George W. Bush. George Bush was a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones, a secret society that associates themselves with the number 322. The Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22 (3/22). “Skull and Bones” also equals 76 in Gematria.

In addition to George W. Bush being the 43rd president, the Georgia Guidestones exploded at 4:03 AM, and the Baltimore Orioles picked up their 403rd all-time win vs. the Texas Rangers on the same day. George Bush is the former owner of the Texas Rangers. It’s also worth noting that Super Bowl 57 takes place on February 12, 2023, which is the 43rd day of the year. 322 days remain in the year on that date. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team in the NFL that features the skull and crossbones as their team logo. Tom Brady was 43 years old when he won his last Super Bowl, and we know about the connection between 322 and Skull and Bones.

One major celebrity death that occurred this month was the death of Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s ex-wife. They divorced in 1992 on 3/22 (tired of seeing that number yet?), and she died on July 14, 2022 at age 73. It’s worth noting that Wikipedia had her name as Ivana Marie Trump, and then changed it to Ivana Maria Trump shortly after her death. “Ivana Marie Trump” equals 73 in Gematria. Her death occurred 3 months, 22 days after the 30-year anniversary of her divorce to Donald Trump on 3/22. She supposedly died from falling down the stairs. “Fell down stairs” and “The Jesuit Order” overlap each other in Gematria. They both equal 201, and Ivana Trump was laid to rest on July 20, the 201st day of the year.

Eminem announced a new album scheduled to be released on August 5. The album cover was filled with blatant occult symbolism that’s worth taking a closer look at. The most obvious image that stands out is Eminem’s hand gesture with the devil horns covering one of his eyes. Another image, more subliminal, is Eminem’s sweater zipper which resembles a missile being dropped on a city which is being nuked. We also see imagery of a plane, a cemetery, a masked man with a chainsaw hiding behind a curtain, and a ghostly apparition escaping from Eminem’s left ear. We also see the backwards “E” on the bottom corners of the album, with the number “2” on the top center. The backwards “E” looks like the number “3.” 323 is a significant number, because “Lucifer” equals 323 in Gematria. In addition, March 23, 2023 (3/23/23), will be the date when Pluto enters into Aquarius. The squiggly lines underneath the words “Curtain Call” resemble the astrological symbol for Aquarius. It is believed by many that the Age of Aquarius will be ruled over by Lucifer, the light-bearer, who is synonymous with Enki, the water-bearer. In Eminem’s hit song “Lose Yourself,” the rapper says, “This world is mine for the taking. Make me king, as we move toward a New World Order.” The word “corona” means “crown,” and Enki/Lucifer (who many equate to being the Antichrist), is believed to be the ruler, or king, of the coming Age.

NBA legend Bill Russell passed away on July 31, the final day of the month. Russell was born on February 12 (2/12), and he died on the 212th day of the year. February 12 also happens to be the date of Super Bowl 57. Russell won 8 straight NBA titles and 11 overall. He is considered to be the GOAT in the NBA (with all due respect to Michael Jordan). Tom Brady is considered to be the GOAT in the NFL, and Brady can win his 8th ring in 11 attempts on Bill Russell’s birthday in 2023. “Tom Brady” and “Celtics” equal 118 in Gematria, and the 118th edition of the World Series will take place later this year.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals in 2020 following the passing of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Similarly, the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 2021 following the passing of Braves legend Hank Aaron. Will we see the Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals following the passing of Celtics legend Bill Russell? Game 7 of the NBA Finals is projected to fall on June 18 next year, which would be the 169th day of the year. Russell’s death came 169 days after his birthday. Furthermore, Russell died 1 year, 6 months, 9 days after Hank Aaron’s death on January 22, 2021. If the Celtics won the NBA Finals on June 18 next year, they would win their 18th championship on the 18th of the month, exactly 18 weeks after Bill Russell’s birthday. The Celtics are currently 17-5 all-time in NBA Finals, and would become 18-5 if they won it all next year. “Basketball” and William Russell” equal 185 in Gematria. The NBA season is scheduled to begin on October 18, and there’s 10 months, 18 days from Russell’s death to June 18, 2023.

Russell went to the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit college. He wound up dying on the final day of the Ignatian Year, which was also the Feast Day of St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit Order. He also died on Mark Cuban’s birthday. His death fell 212 days prior to Luka Doncic’s next birthday on February 28. As I mentioned, Bill Russell was born on 2/12 and died on the 212th day of the year. Luka Doncic wears #77, and “Boston” equals 77 in Gematria. Next year will be the 77th NBA season. Could we see an NBA Finals matchup between Boston and Dallas?

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID on July 21, which was 8 months, 1 day after his birthday. He then tested negative for COIVD on July 27, which was 8 months, 1 week after his birthday. He then tested positive a second time on July 31, which was 8 months, 10 days after his birthday. Do you see the 81 pattern here? 81 is a significant number connected to Joe Biden, because “President Biden” equals 81 in Gematria. 81 million Americans also supposedly voted for Biden in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. The word “ritual” also equals 81 in Gematria. “Eighty-one” equals 108 in Gematria, and August 10 (10/8 or 8/10), will make exactly 81 weeks since Joe Biden was inaugurated into office. I’ve written extensively in the past on my blog about my belief that Joe Biden will likely not finish his term, which would make Kamala Harris the first female U.S. President. I still believe this to be true, as it is becoming more and more obvious by the day that Joe Biden is not long for the job. The word “death” equals 118 in Gematria, and I already pointed out how significant the number 118 has been and will continue to be even into 2023.

There are many parallels between John F. Kennedy and Joe Biden, the two Catholic presidents. We all know what happened to JFK. We also know what happened to Abraham Lincoln, who just so happened to be born on the same date as Bill Russell. We also know that there have been a slew of mass shootings going on in the U.S. for quite some time now. We also know that every 20 years when the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurs, the reigning (or elected) U.S. president either dies in office, is assassinated, or has an assassination attempted against them. The last Great Conjunction occurred on December 21, 2020, meaning Joe Biden is the next man in line to put this “curse” to the test. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen on August 10, 2022, but it’s certainly a date worth keeping an eye on given Joe Biden’s connection to the number 81.

The second half of 2022 should be quite interesting. Stay tuned!


June News

The 2022 NBA Finals have concluded, and the Golden State Warriors have defeated the Boston Celtics in 6 games. Let’s take a closer look and see why the Warriors were the victorious team.

75 was a significant number for the Warriors winning the NBA Championship. The Warriors, who won 1975 NBA Finals, are now 7-5 all-time in the NBA Finals. The Warriors had the 75 diamond logo featured in the center of their home court this season, as the NBA was commemorating its 75-year anniversary. The last meeting between the Celtics and Warriors prior to the NBA Finals took place on March 16, which was the 75th day of the year. There were 198 points scored total in that game, and the Warriors won the championship on June 16, the day leaving 198 days in the year.

The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals on The Ultimate Warrior’s birthday. Jim Hellwig, who was known in the WWE as The Ultimate Warrior, died on April 8, 2014, just months prior to the Warriors winning their first championship with Steph Curry. Anyone who has followed my work knows about the significance of the date April 8, as it relates to the 2024 Great American Eclipse. Ironically enough, the Warriors won their 4th championship in 8 years on The Ultimate Warrior’s birthday (who died on 4/8), against the Boston Celtics. “Boston Celtics” equals 48 in Gematria.

The Golden State Warriors NBA Finals win comes on the heels of the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl. The Rams and the Warriors team colors are blue and yellow, which are also the colors of the Ukrainian flag. “Ukraine” equals 34 in Gematria. This is significant because both Matthew Stafford and Steph Curry were 34 years old when they won their respective championships this year. Steph Curry scored 34 points in the opening game of the NBA Finals, and he also scored 34 points in the closing game. Warriors coach Steve Kerr also finished the season on 34 all-time playoff losses.

The Warriors finished the 2022 NBA playoffs with a record of 16-6 on June 16 (16-6). June 16 was also the birthday of Tupac Shakur. This is relevant because there was a Tupac look-alike at a Warriors-Celtics game back in 2014 on March 5 (3/5). Not only did the Warriors win the NBA championship on Tupac’s birthday (who resided in San Francisco), but they also won the 35th NBA Finals for the Western Conference. The Tupac look-alike appearance at the basketball game occurred a month prior to The Ultimate Warrior’s death.

I wrote last month about how 163 has been an important number this year. The NBA All-Star game was won this year with 163 points, and Steph Curry won the All-Star MVP award after breaking the three-point record by hitting 16 3’s in the game. Curry would then go on to win the NBA Finals MVP award. Ironically enough, the last time the Celtics and Warriors played prior to the NBA Finals was on March 16 (16/3).

In other sports news, Ryan Fitzpatrick retired from the NFL on June 2, ending his 17-year football career. 17 days later, Matthew Fitzpatrick (no relation) won the 122nd edition of the U.S. Open on Juneteenth. “Juneteenth” equals 122 in Gematria. The U.S. Open began on June 16th in Massachusetts, the same date the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals against the team from Massachusetts. “Golden State” equals 122 in Gematria.

Roe V. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court was arguably the biggest news of the month, and lo and behold, 122 turned out to be a significant number again. Roe V. Wade was originally decided on January 22, 1973. January 22 can be written as 1/22. Roe V. Wade was a ruling on abortion, and “abortion” equals 122 in Gematria. The ruling was overturned on June 24, which was 1 week, 22 days after the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court draft leak that occurred on May 2. May 2 was the 122nd day of the year.

Roe V. Wade was overturned on June 24, which was the 175th day of the year. “Roe Versus Wade” equals 175 in Gematria. 175 was also a significant number in both the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. The Boston Celtics dropped to 17-5 all-time in the NBA Finals, while the Colorado Avalanche picked up their 175th all-time playoff win. It is worth noting that the New York Yankees are currently on 172 playoff losses, so if they were to lose 3 games in the ALDS this year, they would be eliminated on 175 playoff losses. Flight 175 was hijacked on September 11, 2001, so there is a great amount of significance tied to this number.

The Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup and prevented the Tampa Bay Lighting from earning a threepeat. The last team to threepeat in the NHL was the New York Islanders when they had Mike Bossy on their team. Bossy died on April 15, just prior to the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup 72 days after Bossy’s death, while finishing with 72 wins on this season. Bossy was born on January 22, the same date as the original ruling of Roe V. Wade. Exactly one week after Bossy’s death, Guy Lafleur passed away. Lafleur ended his career playing for the Quebec Nordiques, who are now the Colorado Avalanche. It is not uncommon to see former sports athletes sacrificed prior to the start of a season, or in this case, the playoff season. In 2020, Kobe Bryant died, and the Lakers and Dodgers both won their respective league’s championships. In 2021, Hank Aaron died, and the Atlanta Braves won the World Series. In this instance, Bossy and Lafleur were offed prior to the Lightning’s failed threepeat against Lafleur’s Avalanche.

Another additional note I would like to make in regards to Roe V. Wade being overturned on June 24, is that this was the anniversary of the establishment of Freemasonry. The first Grand Lodge was founded on June 24, 1717 at the Goose and Gridiron alehouse. Goose and Gridiron is an interesting location, considering how Tony Siragusa, a former gridiron football player who was nicknamed “The Goose,” passed away just prior to the 305-year anniversary of the birth of Freemasonry. America was, of course, founded by Freemasons, a secret society which is ultimately controlled by The Jesuit Order. Tony Siragusa died at age 55, 5 weeks, 5 days after his birthday. June 24 is also known as St. John the Baptist’s day. Babies are traditionally baptized in the Christian Church shortly after birth, so it is ironic that a ruling involving babies and abortion was overturned on this date. Baptism is associated with water, and the words “row” and “wade” are also associated with water.

The overturn also occurred 1,885 days after the debut of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is a show about women and forced childbirth. Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States, led the Union Army to victory in the American Civil War and died in the year 1885. The Jesuit Order/Society of Jesus, who ultimately run America (as well as the rest of the world), have been steering this country towards another civil war for quite some time now. At the moment, it’s the Liberals who are outraged. In the near future, it will be the Conservatives who will be outraged once gun control inevitably becomes enforced. It’s all a dog and pony show to get everyone riled up and angry at each other so American citizens are so busy fighting amongst each other, that they never see who the true enemy lurking behind the shadows really is.

It’s a sad state of affairs in our world right now, and the times are only going to get more challenging as we inch closer to the April 8, 2024 Great American Eclipse. It’s best to remain an observer and not participate in the madness. After all, rioting and chaos is what the controllers of our world ultimately want. We are very easy to conquer as a people when we are divided.


May News

I would like to begin this month’s post with something that actually occurred at the end of April that was pretty significant. Elon Musk purchased Twitter back on April 25. The date April 25 is interesting because that is the 115th day of the year, and “Twitter” and “Elon” both equal 115 in Gematria. In addition, Elon was following 115 people on Twitter on the date of his purchase of Twitter.

Many people believe free speech will be more tolerated on Twitter with Elon now at the helm, leading some to speculate that Donald Trump may finally have his account unbanned. It’s interesting how Trump became a news story when Elon bought Twitter, considering how the next U.S. Presidential Election falls on November 5, 2024 (11/5). It certainly seems inevitable that Trump will become elected as the 48th U.S. President on that date (yes, 48, not 47– see my previous blog posts regarding Kamala Harris likely becoming #47 prior to the next election).

There was also a mass shooting that occurred at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival last year on November 5.

When thinking about the date November 5, Guy Fawkes and the famous saying, “Remember, Remember, the fifth of November” may come to mind. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic who had Jesuit ties. November 5 leaves 56 days in the year, and 56 is a number connected to The Jesuit Order/Society of Jesus.

Furthermore, the Marvel movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was just released on May 6 (5/6). The Illuminati, who are synonymous with the Jesuits, were featured in the movie.

In other news, a Netflix comedy miniseries was released on May 5 called The Pentaverate. The series is about a secret society that runs the world. How fitting is it that a show like this would be released a day before the Marvel movie featuring the Illuminati? The Illuminati was established on May 1, 1776, so you can see why the Jesuits would want to pay tribute during the month of May to the society founded by Adam Weishaupt.

Going back to what I mentioned in the beginning of this post in regards to April 25 and the significance of 115, the Kentucky Derby was won this year on May 7 by a horse named Rich Strike, who was the biggest longshot in the race. Believe it or not, that horse was foaled on April 25, 2019. The names “Rich Strike” and “Illuminati” overlap each other in Gematria.

What’s ironic about this horse winning is that it was reported earlier in the day that former WWE female wrestler Tammy Lynn Sytch, also known as Sunny, was arrested for DUI and manslaughter charges. Sunny was born on December 7 (12/7), and her arrest came on May 7, the 127th day of the year. The jockey who rode Rich Strike to victory at the Kentucky Derby was named Sonny Leon, so you can see the Sunny/Sonny connection there.

Eric Reed, Rich Strike’s trainer, lost 23 horses in a stable fire back on December 18, 2016. The fire occurred just passed the stroke of midnight on December 17, which is not only the birthday of Jesuit Pope Francis, but it is also the start date of Saturnalia (which coincidentally enough, ends on the 23rd). Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival held in honor of the god Saturn (Kronos/Satan). Rich Strike won the race from the 21st post, and “Saturn” equals 21 in Gematria.

The Preakness was won on May 21 by a horse named Early Voting, who had 5:1 odds to win the race. May 21 is the 141st day of the year, and “The Preakness” equals 141 and 51 in Gematria. In addition, Early Voting won The Preakness on the same day as owner Seth Klarman’s birthday.

In other news, 23-year old Jeopardy! contestant Mattea Roach saw her 23-game win streak come to an end on May 6. The word “end” equals 23 in Gematria. “Mattea Roach” equals 192 in Gematria, and her streak ended 192 days after her birthday.

In last month’s post, I predicted that the Mets and Angels would play each other in the World Series this year. The Mets pitched a no-hitter on April 29, and 11 days later, Reid Detmers pitched a no-hitter for the Angels in his 11th career start. This could prove to be a good omen for those two teams to meet in October. The Angels no-hitter was won by a score of 12-0, and “Reid Detmers” equals 120 in Gematria.

Bill Gates was in the news this month when he tested positive for COVID on May 10. It’s ironic that he would test positive on the date that can be written as 10/5, because Gates committed $105 million to the pandemic relief back in 2020.

Also on May 10, NBA Hall of Famer Bob Lanier passed away at age 73. Lanier played for the Milwaukee Bucks, and his death was reported in the mainstream media the same day the Bucks played the Celtics in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Bucks went on to earn an unlikely comeback victory over the Celtics and improve to 7-3 in the playoffs. “Sacrifice” equals 73 in Gematria. The Celtics also picked up their 73rd all-time loss in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Celtics would ultimately go on to eliminate the Bucks in Game 7, setting up a rematch from 2020 against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

On May 18, the mainstream media reported that the first case of monkeypox was discovered in the U.S. May 18 is the 138th day of the year, and “monkeypox” equals 138 in Gematria. The next day, on May 19, the mainstream media reported that blackouts are expected to occur worldwide during the summer. May 19 is the 139th day of the year, and “blackouts” equals 139 in Gematria.

Another major news story that broke just before May began was the death of Country music star Naomi Judd. Naomi Judd died at age 76 on April 30, a date with 76 numerology (4+30+20+22= 76). She died just one day before The Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on May 1. As I mentioned earlier, May 1 is the date that the Bavarian Illuminati was established. It is also the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, and Naomi Judd reportedly committed suicide from a self-inflicted gun shot wound due to depression. What are the odds that this woman would die not only a day before her induction into the Hall of Fame, but also the day before Mental Health Awareness Month began? It should be noted that although The Judds were being inducted on May 1, 2022, they were actually a part of the 2021 Hall of Fame class. Recall my previous blog post about how wrestler Scott Hall died a year after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters died a year after the rock group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Scott Hall and Taylor Hawkins both died in March, a month prior to Naomi Judd. There appears to be a pattern developing here between celebrity deaths and their inductions into the Hall of Fame. Oddly enough, the 56th CMT Music Awards took place just 19 days prior to Judd’s death. It was the final time The Judds performed together. As I’ve mentioned, 56 is the number connected to the Jesuits/Illuminati.

Naomi Judd died on April 30 (4/30), 4 months and 30 days prior to Naomi Watts’ birthday.

TMZ posted an image of Naomi Watts dripping in fake blood last October, which is interesting because a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse just occurred on May 15, just a couple of weeks after Naomi Judd’s death. Naomi Watts was scheduled to be the lead actress in the HBO show Bloodmoon, a prequel to Game of Thrones, before HBO ultimately decided not to move forward with the series.

Notice how the Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse was the longest one in 33 years. The Phoenix Suns lost to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals by 33 points on the evening of the eclipse. “Eclipse” equals 33 in Gematria.

In other Naomi news, the television show Naomi was cancelled on the same day that the cause of Naomi Judd’s death was revealed.

You may also recall Japanese star tennis player Naomi Osaka, who made headlines last year when she announced she was taking a hiatus from the sport to tend to her mental health. She revealed she was suffering from long bouts of depression. What are the odds that two famous women with the same uncommon first name would grab mainstream media attention for the same reason within a one-year time span? Time magazine featured Naomi Osaka on its cover last summer with the headline, “It’s O.K. To Not Be O.K.” Notice how that headline overlaps perfectly with “Society of Jesus” in Gematria. It is not a common occurrence for two separate words or phrases to overlap in all four base ciphers in Gematria, so this would appear to indicate that there is a connection between the two.

As I’ve mentioned numerous time, the Society of Jesus/Jesuit Order are the Powers That Be that control our world. One of the ways that they control it is through MKULTRA mind control, which they use on celebrities, politicians, sports athletes, etc. Roseanne Barr, who is very likely a victim of MKULTRA herself, has spoken out against it and its use in Hollywood.

MKULTRA, which is a form of trauma-based mind control that causes a person’s mind to split into multiple personalities which can ultimately be triggered by that person’s handler, is also used on regular people such as mass shooters in false flag attacks. Ever since Naomi Judd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, we have seen a slew of mass shootings occur in the month of May. This is no coincidence, as it is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialect (problem, reaction, solution). A problem is fabricated by the Powers That Be, the masses react demanding that something be done about it, and a draconian solution is provided as the end-result. CNN reported this month that 201 mass shootings have occurred in America so far this year. 201, much like 56, is a number tied to the Jesuits. “The Jesuit Order” equals 201 in Gematria. Gun control and abortion rights, two of the biggest issues that divide the nation, have been big topics this month. “Abortion” equals 122 in Gematria, and the news about the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade came on May 2, the 122nd day of the year. Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 on January 22 (1/22).

Naomi Osaka got into an exchange with Megyn Kelly last summer over her magazine covers. Notice how Megyn Kelly’s initials are MK, indicating that this was likely a subliminal reference to MKULTRA.

Mary-Kate Olsen is another celebrity who has the initials MK. Oddly enough, Mary-Kate owns a horse named Naomi.

Another instance of when MKULTRA is used is when assassination attempts are carried out. The term “manchurian candidate” can be applied to such a person.

There was a movie called The Manchurian Candidate, which was released on October 24, 1962, a year prior to the JFK assassination. Look at how that date’s numerology overlaps with the date JFK was assassinated.

The fact that both of these dates have numerology of 115 is not a coincidence either. “Masonic,” “Lucifer,” “assassin,” and “killing” all equal 115 in Gematria. JFK’s assassination came 35 days after Lee Harvey Oswald’s birthday. JFK was the 35th president.

MKULTRA was an illegal human experimentation program designed by the CIA, and many people believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA patsy. Another project the CIA has been involved in is called MKNAOMI, which is considered to be a successor to the MKULTRA mind control program. The CIA is controlled by the Jesuits, so when we see so many Naomi rituals occurring at the same time, you can be sure the Jesuits are the ones who are ultimately behind it.

Another Naomi ritual occurred in May when WWE Superstars Naomi and Sasha Banks both walked out of the company during an episode of Monday Night RAW. This was supposedly a real incident and not something that was scripted to happen. Naomi, whose real name is Trinity Fatu, was born on November 30. The incident took place on May 16 (5/16), 5 months and 16 days after her birthday.

There is an institution called the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is abbreviated as NAMI, but can easily be abbreviated as NAOMI if you include the “O.”

There is also an advertisement for Michelob ULTRA with a woman covering one eye with the beer’s logo. The “ULTRA” is even capitalized, as it is in MKULTRA.

So what’s really going on here? Why all of these subliminal messages to mind control? Is this all alluding to something big about to happen? I’ve written in the past about The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and how every 20 years, a U.S. president either dies in office, is assassinated, or has an assassinated attempted against them. Joe Biden would be the next man up in that 20 year sequence. Biden is the second Catholic U.S. president, with JFK being the first one. Is the 46th president destined to suffer the same fate as the 35th? “Catholic” equals 35 and 46 in Gematria. Joe Biden’s birthday falls two days prior to JFK’s assassination date. 1962-1963 was the Year of the Water Tiger. 2022-2023 is also the Year of the Water Tiger. There are certainly a lot of parallels between Biden and Kennedy, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurred on May 15 was significant, and it may turn out to be a harbinger of something big coming in the near future. John Fogerty of Credence Clearwater Revival sang about a Bad Moon Rising back in 1969. In the song, he talks about how he sees bad times coming, including natural disasters such as earthquakes. Revelation 6:12 mentions a great earthquake occurring during a time when the Moon turns to blood. This Bible verse was referenced in the movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which was released last Fall.

“Earthquake” equals 163 in Gematria. June 12, 2022 is the 163rd day of the year, and it is also 666 days before the Great American Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on April 8, 2024. It is also the same date the Mets are schedule to play the Angels. “Angels” equals 163 in Gematria. “Manchurian Candidate” and “Project MKNAOMI” also equal 163 in Gematria. “Kansas Jayhawks” also equals 163, and they just won the NCAA National Championship with a historic comeback against UNC. “Comeback” equals 163 in Gematria. Team LeBron won the NBA All-Star Game this year with 163 points.