Collective Consciousness and Predictive Programming

The powers that be who run this planet know us humans better than we know ourselves. When you’ve been social engineering an entire race for as long as the Overlords have, you know how to maintain control over them. They also understand that we are gods in the flesh, and are infinitely more powerful than they are. In fact, the Gnostics believed that the only power the archons had was manipulating and distorting what already existed. In other words, they influence us to manifest a specific reality and then twist it so that it becomes beneficial to them. How do they do this? One way is through predictive programming.

Predictive programming is used in television shows and movies to insert subliminal messages into the human collective consciousness. I was watching an episode of The 100 the other day with my wife and we were both laughing when one of the characters was told to “go to the light” and “the light is the way” when he sees his deceased mother. Of course, anyone who’s read my book knows that the light is a trap which is something that’s been shown to us in countless TV shows, movies, and songs. This is an example of how our subconscious mind becomes programmed. The biggest example of predictive programming, in my opinion, is how we’ve been constantly bombarded with science-fiction movies dealing with artificial intelligence and a merging of man with machine. I wrote about this extensively in my book and how this will inevitably become humanity’s dystopian future.

As individuals, we are more powerful than we can imagine. As a collective, our potential is limitless. When someone thinks of something in their mind, a thought-form instantaneously materializes in the astral realm. Now imagine how powerful a thought-form can become when a group of people, or even further, a global population, focuses on something specific. Let’s take God, for example. There are billions of people in the world who believe in the concept of a supreme deity. A good number of these people believe God looks and behaves a certain way such as, he is a man with white hair, a white beard, and a robe who judges people based on their actions. This stereotypical belief causes an egregore to form in the astral realm which takes on a life of its own. This massive thought-form ultimately fuels our matrix and further empowers the archons.

With this in mind, one can better understand how the coronavirus can spread as rapidly as it has. “Nothing spreads like fear” was the tagline for the movie Contagion and this is absolutely true. The mainstream media has only added more fear to the propaganda machine, which is why I drew the comparison of television and the False Prophet from Revelation in my book. The point is, the ones who are running the show from behind the scenes know what they’re doing and are using our ignorance to their advantage. Fortunately, if we are to trust the Gnostic texts, evil will destroy itself in the end, and those who remained in ignorance will eventually come to know the truth and will be liberated from this prison planet along with the rest of us more consciously aware individuals. The question is, how many people will wake up before the Singularity is in full effect?

Only time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Collective Consciousness and Predictive Programming

  1. Hello,
    great short words of truth. The problem is, there is so big distortion of thoughts that even when I speak to sb, I really feel the censorship, he is getting speaking with me.
    There are few people around the world that are able to catch the topic and unite. But the fruits of their work are stil being distorted.
    US area is somehow a place with more people being able to pass through archon’s distortion. The katholic church murdered here less than in Europe.
    Do you know Wes Penre Papers? You speak the same terminology. I feel good with that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I read the WPP several years ago and that started me on my spiritual journey. Wes is a very knowledgeable man and a great person too.


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