David Blaine and Ascension

In my last post, I wrote about how celebrity deaths are tied into Gematria and that once you know the code, you can better understand the ritualistic nature behind their occurrences. This is why Slipknot has a song called Gematria (The Killing Name). It is necessary for me to point out that Gematria can be used for events outside of celebrity deaths. Let’s take David Blaine’s latest stunt as an example.

On September 2, 2020, David Blaine, the world-famous illusionist, performed another one of his impressive feats when he floated nearly 25,000 feet in the air while holding onto several dozen helium-filled balloons. David Blaine is currently 47 years old and in Gematria, “David Blaine” sums to 47 in the “Reduced” cipher. Also, there are 214 days between September 2 and his next birthday (April 4). His name in Gematria sums to 214 in the “Reverse Ordinal” cipher. In addition, there are 151 days between April 4 and September 2. “Jesus Christ” sums to 151 in the “Ordinal” cipher. Why is that significant?

“Ascension” was the name of the aforementioned David Blaine act. Jesus was said to have ascended to Heaven 40 days after his resurrection. In my book, I wrote about how the real Christ was never crucified, but there was a counterfeit one (Enki/Thoth) who was sacrificed in his stead. I also wrote about how “ascension” sums to 99 in Gematria, as does “rapture” and “The Event”. I explained why I believe the rapture will occur in the year 2024, and if this is indeed the case, then David Blaine’s “Ascension” performance was yet another example of predictive programming. Speaking of which, the Disney movie Up depicts a man ascending to the clouds while being hoisted in the air by dozens of helium-filled balloons. In “The Man Who Broke Free,” I wrote about hidden occult meanings in Disney films and this may have very well been another one.

Speaking of ascension, it is also worth mentioning that there was a WWE tag team called The Ascension who used to wear wrestling attire featuring the Eye of Horus inside of a pyramid. Of course, we all recognize the eye in the pyramid as being represented on the back of our $1 bill, and many associate it as being an Illuminati symbol. Since members of such secret societies consider themselves to be more enlightened than the rest of us, it’s only appropriate that The Ascension would wind up changing their name to The Awakening.

Everything that occurs in the realm of mainstream television is controlled and nothing is coincidental. We’re living in a simulation, a real life Truman Show which I detailed in my book. As we draw closer to a merging of man with machine, it becomes utterly important to remain consciously aware and not become distracted with matrix related events. Unfortunately, with a highly intense presidential election right around the corner, that may be easier said than done.


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