Moses and Thoth

In “The Man Who Broke Free,” I explained in detail the connections between Thoth and the biblical Noah. One additional fact that I failed to mention is that according to a local legend in a town located in Turkey, the ibis was one of the first birds Noah released from his infamous ark. This is significant because we know that Thoth is often depicted in Egyptian mythology as having the head of an ibis, so this is yet another reason to believe there’s a connection between Noah and Thoth. Interestingly enough, in the Netflix series Dark, there is a mysterious priest named Noah who has a tattoo of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth on his back. This would appear to be another case of truth hidden in plain sight. But what about Moses?

Let’s consider a few things about Moses, beginning first with his own association with the ibis. According to Josephus, the ibis was used by Moses to aid him in battle against the Ethiopians. In addition, Thoth was a scribe god and Moses was also known as a scribe, having been credited with writing the Book of Genesis. In ancient Egypt, there was a man named Mose (yes, Mose, not Moses) who was an official given the title, “scribe of the treasury of Ptah.” Thoth was Enki’s emissary just like Moses was a prophet of God. Enki was also known as Ptah in Egypt, so here is yet another connection between Mose(s) and Thoth.

Moses has his own affiliations with Egypt, of course. According to legend, Moses was born during a time when the pharaoh of Egypt commanded all newborn Hebrew boys to be killed due to the growing number of Hebrews in the country, and out of fear that the child may grow to become too powerful.

Moses’ mother hid him for three months, similar to how Rhea hid Zeus from being devoured by Kronos. However, when she could hide him no longer, she put Moses in a basket and released him in the Nile River where he was found and adopted by the pharaoh’s daughter. In other words, Moses was led to safety by aid of the waters, just as he would fulfill Yahweh’s promise to lead the Israelites out of Egypt by separating the waters and leading them to safety. Yahweh, as we know, is also one of Enki’s titles and Enki is known as the god of water. Of course, neither Enki nor Moses waved a magic wand to cause the waters to part. According to remote viewing research done by the Farsight Institute, there was extraterrestrial intervention that caused a meteor or asteroid to crash into the Red Sea and create a gap in the waters which allowed the Israelites to cross to the other side.

Moses has also often been compared to Akhenaten, the Egyptian pharaoh. Akhenaten was arguably the most controversial pharaoh of Egypt, having dismantled the polytheistic Egyptian religion during his reign while elevating the Aten as the one and only supreme deity. He was highly detested by the high priests of Egypt, and after his reign ended, Egypt reverted back to worshipping multiple gods with Amun reclaiming his place as the most high god. Speaking of pharaohs, it should be noted that there was an Egyptian pharaoh named Thutmose. In fact, there were four pharaohs in total named Thutmose, which literally translates to “Thoth is born.” If we take the name apart, we get the name Thoth-Mose(s). Thutmose IV was actually the grandfather of Akhenaten.

Comparisons between Moses and ancient gods have been made even in antiquity. Artapanus of Alexandria, a historian who is said to have lived in Alexandria, equated Moses with Hermes. He said, “On account of these things Moses was loved by the masses, and was deemed worthy of godlike honor by the priests and called Hermes, on account of the interpretation of sacred letters.”

Moses and Monotheism was a book written by Sigmund Freud, and Freud was the first to argue that Moses was an Egyptian. The comparisons to Akhenaten are obvious, being that Moses prohibited people from worshipping any gods other than Yahweh through the first of the Ten Commandments. As a lawgiver, Moses has also drawn parallels to Hammurabi, whom he very well may have been a reincarnation of. The Ten Commandments are essentially a shortened adaptation of the Code of Hammurabi, which was given to Hammurabi by the sun god Shamash. The Aten was, of course, the solar sun disc that Akhenaten commanded the Egyptians to worship, so there are also parallels between Hammurabi and the Egyptian pharaoh.

The staff of Moses also has its ties with the caduceus, which is widely known as the symbol of healthcare and medicine. The caduceus is also the staff held by Hermes in Greek mythology. Hermes was known as Ningishzida in Sumerian mythology, and Ningishzida was the god of medicine. Hermes was also the Greek equivalent to Thoth, which gives even further credence to the theory that Moses was indeed an incarnation of Thoth.

The plot thickens.


5 thoughts on “Moses and Thoth

  1. This is very interesting nd informative. My own course of research n study has led me to your page . being apparent our train of thoth is of a similar frequency. Which obviously is the reason being why u have expounded on the concept thereof. If u can keep me updated ide appreciate it. Peace be upon you.
    Thoth/ Hermes/Mercury/Nabu/Arch Angel Michael/ …. Moses or Noah?


    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’ve concluded that Thoth has incarnated throughout history in many different forms (both human and non-human) in order to help us humans “evolve” over a significant period of time. On the surface, that may make him sound like a benevolent being, however, I do believe he has ulterior motives which are ultimately malevolent.


  2. iupater/Jove/yaove/yahoveh is Tzedek the El Elyon Adonai of MELCHIZEDEK who is the high priest of Jupiter. Tzedek/jove was the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Moses hijacked the Isrealites from Tzedek and forced them to worship shabbattai aka Saturn. It makes sense to me that I’f Saturn knew Jove chose the isrealites he would get someone to deceve them. Moses used the serpent to deceve the isrealites into worshipping shabbattai. Now the isrealites are bound to the laws of the god of binding. Jove incarnated on earth as Iesous/yeshua to save the isrealites from the fedders of sabbattai. clearly they chose Saturn hence the sigil of saturn on Isreals flag.

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  3. I am George Washington. I am also Quetzalcoatl/Amaru the morning star Venus. I am Jesus and “Lucifer”. I am hermes. I am Brahma. I am Phanes. I am the first king of the universe. I am thoth the inventor of geometry. The grand architect. I am god. I am writing this because I wrote to the White House and they didn’t answer me. The world is ending. Let me know if you are interested in hearing more.

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