The Curse of Tippecanoe and The Great Conjunction

The 2020 presidential election is over and Joe Biden is the president-elect. So, what happened? Was there a glitch in the matrix? Should we all expect the world to go back to normal now? The prophecy of the last president was proven wrong and the prospect of a major crisis was averted. There was no civil war, no rioting or looting, and the pandemic may soon be over with a “safe and effective” vaccine right around the corner. Right?

Not so fast. Let’s remember a few things here. For one, it doesn’t matter who’s president. Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Donald Trump was never going to drain the swamp and make America great again, just like Joe Biden will not be uniting a divided nation. They are both equally controlled, and the new laws that will be implemented after the fall of the dollar and the COVID vaccine is approved, will happen regardless of who is the POTUS. Why? Because the president is not the ultimate authoritative power in our country. Anyone who has read my book is aware of the hidden forces who are controlling our planet from behind the scenes. While the outcome of the election may have come as a surprise to many, myself included, you can rest assured that there’s a greater agenda behind the result. After all, nothing happens on this planet by accident.

So, what about the prophecy? All signs seemed to point to Donald Trump getting a second term and fulfilling his role as the last president. That prediction seems to be all but out the window. Or is it? Trump has yet to concede the election and plans on getting the Supreme Court to intervene. How this will play out is anyone’s guess. It certainly appears highly unlikely that the election results would be overturned in his favor, but we also have to remember we’re in the year 2020 where anything can happen. What if evidence is found of election fraud whether it be from within our country or interference from a foreign nation such as China? You can just imagine the chaos and pandemonium that would ensue if this were to happen and the victory was taken away from Joe Biden. This may seem like a longshot scenario, so let’s take a look at another possible outcome if Biden is not sworn in as president on Inauguration Day.

A great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn is set to take place on December 21st of this year, which also happens to be the same date as the winter solstice. Why is this significant and what does it have to do with the presidential election? The great conjunction occurs approximately every twenty years. Since 1840, every president who has been in office around the time of a great conjunction has either died, been assassinated, or was victim of an attempted assassination. William Henry Harrison was the first one who fell victim of the alleged Curse of Tippecanoe. This legend began after the Battle of Tippecanoe when the younger brother of a slain Shawnee leader was said to have put a curse on Harrison. After Harrison was elected in 1840 and took office in 1841, his presidency barely lasted a month before he became the first president to die in office.

Every twenty years since 1840, the same trend of death or attempted assassination has occurred for each president in office. Abraham Lincoln (1860), James A. Garfield (1880), William McKinley (1900), Warren G. Harding (1920), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1940), and John F. Kennedy (1960) all died while in office. Ronald Regan (1980) and George Bush (2000) were the only two presidents in this every twenty-year succession who did not die while in office, however, they both were victims of attempted assassinations. Now, in the year 2020, with the next great conjunction only a month and a half away, if Donald Trump doesn’t experience an attempted assassination or die while in office, he would be the first president in this aforementioned succession to avoid the Curse of Tippecanoe since 1840.

That’s 180 years! Now, the question is, will the Supreme Court do a complete 180 on the election results and reverse the outcome? That will only happen if enough substantial evidence is found that there was voter fraud. You can only imagine the chaos that would follow if that were to happen after Democrats across the country have already celebrated Biden’s victory. And since the motto of the Freemasons is “order out of chaos”, it is easy to see how they can then use the chaos to their advantage and implement a new world order which will feature digital identifications, blockchain technology, and biometric authentication. This will be sold to us as the solution to the problem when it’s really another step closer to complete surveillance and enslavement of humankind. When the old system proves to no longer be effective, a new one will inevitably emerge in its place.

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is definitely something to keep an eye on. As I’ve mentioned numerous times already, Jupiter (Zeus/Marduk) was the one who usurped Saturn (Kronos/Enki) from his throne and took over the reigns. Right now, Joe Biden is playing the role of Saturn and Donald Trump is Jupiter, waiting to overthrow his rival. In this scenario, it is easy to see how Trump could wind up being assassinated. If the outcome of the election is reversed in his favor, there will be riots across the country, as there will be many angry people out for blood.

There’s a reason why Trump/Pence rhymes with “trumpets”, referring to the seven trumpets of Revelation which signal the apocalypse. There’s also a reason why Trump is refusing to concede the election, and his ego is only a small part of that reason. We’re living in a cosmic soap opera and I believe this is the calm before the storm. There’s just no way the rulers of this planet will allow a peaceful transition from Trump to Biden to happen when they have millions of people in this country ready to fight each other. Peace doesn’t benefit them, but chaos does.

As Joe Biden has said, it’s going to be a dark winter. Prepare to buckle up.


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