Enki, Enlil, and Marduk

Many people who are familiar with the Anunnaki have been led to believe that Enki is the “good guy” and Enlil is the “bad guy” based on the myths. One of the main reasons for this comes from the story of the Great Flood where Enki was the god who warned Noah of an impending deluge, and therefore became regarded as the savior of the human race, while Enlil and the other gods became villainized for wanting to wipe us out. On the surface, one can understand why this would make sense. When looking deeper into it, however, it becomes quite apparent that Enki’s motivation for saving his creation had more to do with his own personal agenda than his empathy towards us. Likewise, Enlil wanted to end the human experiment not because he hated us, but because he wanted to free us from bondage and allow us the opportunity to return back home to the higher spiritual realms. When looking at it from that perspective, the roles of hero and villain become reversed.

Enki and Enlil counterbalance each other; Enki is Lord of the Earth, while Enlil is Lord of the Air/Wind. But what about the Babylonian god Marduk? In the Enuma Elish, a female dragon-like monster known as Tiamat becomes a disruptive and chaotic force for the gods. After many of his contemporaries fail to slay the beast, Marduk emerges as the hero who establishes himself as king of the gods by hatching a successful plan to defeat his rival. He does this by encapsulating her in a net and uses the power of the winds to help aid in his conquest. Perhaps this is where the word “planet” derives from? As I wrote in my book, Tiamat was originally a planet that existed between Jupiter and Mars and was subsequently destroyed during the “War in Heaven”, becoming what we know today as the asteroid belt.

Following Marduk’s victory over Tiamat, he uses her dead body to form the heavens and the Earth. He creates humans as a slave race for the gods and establishes order in the universe, which is why “order out of chaos” is the motto of the Freemasons. Enki was originally known as the one who had dominion over Earth and who created humanity as an inferior race, but these attributes became assimilated into Marduk. This is why I say Marduk is really Enki’s alter ego. But if this is true, then how did Enlil also become syncretized with Marduk?

Enlil was a storm god who was associated with the planet Jupiter, and was therefore associated with the likes of Zeus and Thor. With Marduk’s rise as the supreme god of Babylon, however, he eventually supplanted Enlil and assumed his role as head of the pantheon by taking on his characteristics. So, if Marduk is Enki’s son/alter ego, what was the purpose of having Enlil replaced? The answer becomes obvious when reading the Gnostic texts.

Enlil is known as Sabaoth in Gnosticism, meaning “Lord of Armies”. In my book, I wrote about how Enlil is associated with both Ninurta and Orion. If you look at the constellation Orion, you see the image of a man holding a sword and shield which represents the warrior aspect of Enlil. Sabaoth (Enlil) was an emanation of Yaldabaoth (Enki) and was known as his son. However, he condemns his father when he realizes what an abomination he is and repents when he hears the voice of his mother Sophia. He is then elevated to the seventh heaven which is Saturn, the highest realm in the Kenoma. There, he is taught about everything that exists in the eighth heaven, causing Yaldabaoth to become jealous of his son. Sabaoth dethrones his father and is given dominion over the upper heavens, while Yaldabaoth is cast down to the abyss following the War in Heaven. This is why Enki’s abode is called the Abzu. Yaldabaoth then takes over Sabaoth’s role as ruler of the seventh heaven (Saturn) and therefore takes on his persona. This is the reason why Enki needed to create an alter ego (Marduk) for himself to replace Enlil as the balancing force of good and evil in order to maintain duality on Earth.

To this day, Yaldabaoth is still the god of this world, while Sabaoth was made heir to the throne of Orion in the eight heaven. Achamoth, the aspect of Sophia which resides in the midst known as the ninth heaven, is waiting for humanity to wake up to their true divine nature so she can return in full to the Pleroma. This is an event which may happen much sooner than most people realize.


12 thoughts on “Enki, Enlil, and Marduk

  1. I was having a similar realisation about Enki being the selfish one, it was this realisation that lead me to your blog post xxx I sensed En Lil was actually beneficial. Thanks.


    1. Yes, I definitely believe this to be true. If Enki really is the “god” of this world, then it only makes sense that he would influence our mythologies to make us believe he is the good guy and Enlil is the bad guy when it’s actually the other way around. Enlil sent the Flood to end Enki’s experiments on Earth which had gone astray, not because he hated humans. Enki “saved” humanity in order to continue his experiments and keep us enslaved. He twisted everything around, which is one of the reasons why he’s known as a trickster.


  2. Wow, I was just getting my head around the “!alternative” version of this story the past few months, and now this has flipped everything around and upside down. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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  3. Hi Justin, Do you think that Enki is the “snake” in the Garden of Eden then, in so much that he tempted Adam and Eve away from innocence and connection with “God” or the Creator ? While many look upon the snake as the one that awoke humanity and set them free.


    1. Many Gnostics believe that the serpent was Christ/Sophia, the real Lucifer. “Lucifer” means “light-bearer,” and no one represents enlightenment and wisdom more than Christ/Sophia (Christ representing the masculine aspect of Sophia). Enki (Yaldabaoth/Yahweh) would be the adversary in this scenario. Of course, Enki twisted everything around to make himself look like the the one who wanted to free humanity, while his evil brother Enlil wanted us enslaved. Enki does represent knowledge and wisdom, so he considers himself to be Lucifer since he feels deserving of that title. To this day, he provides knowledge and wisdom to those who pay close enough attention (through lyrics in music, TV shows, movies, etc.) However, he plays both sides (Lucifer the light-bearer and Satan the adversary who wants humanity to remain ignorant). There has to be a balance to maintain the duality in this world. Every action must have a reaction.


      1. Thank you so much Justin, one does not get replies like that very often. I am far from enlightened about all of this my friend, I have a notion that if Enki is Yaldabaoth/Yahweh, would Enlil be Yahweh/Yod heh vav heh Forgive me if that is retarded lol. I watched a youtube video a while ago, the guy explained why “Jesus” and Lucifer are one and the same, it blew my mind, I had heard this before, but him being a Minister and very knowledgeable of the Bible explained it perfectly ….. the video is titled…. Lucifer and The Morning Star 2 9 20 Aaron Tomlinson .. Thanks again Justin.


      2. Yaldabaoth is a composite god (Enki, Marduk, Nergal, etc.) are all aspects of Yaldabaoth. Enlil is Jupiter, who is also Zeus/Yahweh, but so is Marduk. If you read the Gnostics texts, you’ll see that Sabaoth takes over the throne from Yaldabaoth. Sabaoth = Enlil and Yaldabaoth = Enki. This has been retold through many ancient mythologies such as Greek mythology where Zeus usurps his father Kronos for the throne and becomes king of the gods. After Enlil/Sabaoth becomes the new king, Enki/Yaldabaoth gets jealous and wages war against him and Sophia/Tiamat. This war was told to us in the Enuma Elish. Basically, Enki developed a dark alter ego when he became a jealous god, and that’s when Marduk was born. Marduk took over the role of Enlil, so the “evil” Enlil that you read about in the ancient texts is really Marduk. The real Enlil is not evil at all. If you’re still confused, I would highly recommend reading the Gnostics texts, specifically the texts that talk about Sabaoth, and I think you will get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.


  4. Hi Justin, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this to me. I ‘ve been wrestling with it all for a few days, and you just laid it all out in way I can get my head around. Greatly appreciated !

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  5. Interesting en awesome info.
    I am trying to figure out where Krishna, Shiva and Maya Devi fit into this narrative.


  6. Enki is Osiris in Egypt. Which would make Marduk, Horus/Mars. So How is Marduk only an alter Ego when it is his son?. Would this mean that Osiris and Horus are the same being. Or Son is replaced by dad?


  7. They are all evil! They ALL used us as slaves and cannon fodder! You will all remain slaves forever as long as you keep worshiping the left and right hand of the same being! Enlil is not Sabaoth! Enlil is Yahweh the Jealous vengeful god and Enki is the Trickster known as Loki! Wes PENRE and you sir are so close to truth, but revert right back to the Archons as your god in the end! SMDH!


    1. No one said anything about worship. I do not worship any external force, nor do I believe that any benevolent external force would expect worship from me. At the end of the day, Enlil, Enki, Yahweh, etc. are all just titles. The connection I made between Enlil and Sabaoth is just from my own personal interpretations of the Gnostics and Sumerian texts. “On the Origin of the World” clearly states that while Sabaoth is an Archon, having been created by Yaldabaoth, he rebelled against his “father” and was taken by Sophia to the upper heavens. From what I understand, he’s not working against humanity. The dynamic between Sabaoth and Yaldabaoth is very similar to Enki and Enlil, in that they are both on opposite ends of each other. Since this is Yaldabaoth/Enki’s world, it’s only natural that he would want people to believe that he is the good guy while Enlil is the evil one. The “evil” Enlil mentioned in the Sumerian texts is actually Marduk, because the texts clearly state that Marduk took over the role of Enlil and assumed all of his attributes.

      That’s my interpretation. You’re certainly entitled to believe otherwise. You may have a different perspective, and that’s OK! I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers.


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