Kamala Harris and Ritualistic Events

If you’ve been following my work, then you know I’m very big on Gematria. It never ceases to amaze me how quite literally every event that’s in the mainstream media can be decoded by using this methodology. I would like to discuss the significance of Kamala Harris becoming the 49th U.S. Vice President. First, let’s go back to last year when former WWE superstar James “Kamala” Harris passed away on August 9, 2020. Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate a mere two days later. In addition, there was an episode of The Simpsons called “Bart to the Future” which showed Lisa Simpson becoming the first female president. What is most interesting about this is that Lisa Simpson can be seen wearing an eerily similar attire as Kamala Harris wore on Inauguration Day. In the same episode, there is also a reference to the presidency of Donald Trump. Keep in mind that this episode first aired on March 19, 2000. The date is significant because there is a 152 day time span between October 20, 1999 and March 19, 2000. Kamala Harris was born on October 20th and her full name “Kamala Devi Harris” equals 152 in Gematria. “Joe Biden” also equals 152 in Gematria, and the mainstream media informed us that Donald Trump was the first president in 152 years to not attend his successor’s inauguration. Speaking of the new president, Joe Biden became the second Catholic president. John F. Kennedy was the other. “Catholic” equals 35 and 46 in Gematria just like John F. Kennedy was the 35th president and Joe Biden is the 46th president.

Furthermore, “Kamala Harris” (sans her middle name) equals 49 and 58 in Gematria. Kamala Harris is the 49th Vice President and there are 58 days between January 20 (Inauguration Day) and March 19 (the date of The Simpsons episode). She also became 56 years old in 2020, the year of the coronavirus pandemic. “Coronavirus” equals 56 in Gematria. There have been a slew of 56 rituals since the coronavirus pandemic began and even prior to that (keep in mind that Andrew Cuomo is the 56th New York Governor). Recently, an actress named Jessica Campbell died at age 38. She was best known for her role in the movie Election. She died on December 29th, 56 days after the November 3rd presidential election. “Election” also equals 38 in Gematria. She died in Oregon and “Oregon” also equals 38.

It goes deeper than that. The recently announced death of Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton was another ritualist event. Although it was reported on 1/19, Don Sutton actually passed away on 1/18 at the age of 75. This is significant because Don Sutton’s full name is Donald Howard Sutton. His full name in Gematria equals 75 and 84. There is a time span of 75 days between his date of death (January 18) to his date of birth (April 2). Don Sutton played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who recently won the World Series on October 27, 2020. There is a time span of 84 days between October 27 and January 18. He died in Rancho Mirage, California. The news of his death comes on 1/19 just like “Rancho Mirage California” equals 119 in Gematria. Tommy Lasorda, another baseball Hall of Famer associated with the Los Angeles Dodgers, died 11 days prior to Don Sutton. The 11th prime number is 31. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series on October 27 by a score of 3-1. Are you following me so far? Anyone who is skeptical about Gematria can do the calculations for themselves. http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/basic/

There’s an old saying that goes “men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t” and that certainly is the case when using Gematria to decode world events. Let’s take the upcoming Super Bowl as another example. “Super Bowl” equals 41 in Gematria and we’re in the year 2021 (20 + 21 = 41). It should come as no surprise that The Weeknd will be performing at the halftime show. “The Weeknd” equals 41 in Gematria. Please refer to my previous article for further reference on the significance of the number 41. It’s worth noting that “Green Bay” and “Rodgers” also equal 41, and Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are one win away from reaching the Super Bowl. It’ll be interesting to see just how far the Powers That Be want to push the envelope with that number.

In my opinion, Gematria is undeniable proof that we’re living in a simulation. There is no other rational explanation as to why this code can be used every time without fail for just about any news story in the mainstream media. I realize that not everybody may be interested in numbers (especially if you hate math), but I believe it is an important additional layer in understanding the nature of our reality. Additionally, it just further proves that all of our celebrities and politicians are mere pawns in a seemingly never-ending game of chess.

All the world’s a stage, indeed.


4 thoughts on “Kamala Harris and Ritualistic Events

    1. That’s a great question. For famous people such as celebrities and politicians, I would say no because I believe they are all controlled. For regular people like you and me, possibly but I can’t say to what extent. I would certainly like to believe that my spiritual awakening occurred on my own and was not predestined, but even if it was my own doing, does that mean my death and other significant events in my life are still predestined? My wife and I both equal 56 in Gematria; were we destined to meet and get married? Possibly. I haven’t seen enough of a sample size of non-famous people to say if this code works for everyone, but it is interesting that my father died at age 72 and his full name, occupation, place of death, and the disease that he died from all equal the number 72. It definitely makes you wonder!

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      1. As I see it…thus far… we have a limited free will…but the major events,are like fixed stepping stones on our path, for us that we must walk on .so,whatever you chose(A or B-limited-,not A to Z),we are led to what we must experience by THE DIVINE.
        What I have come to see is that we can only be AWARE of the experience,or be in ignorance-unaware.acting and reacting to stimuli

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