Super Bowl LV and Rigged Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just won Super Bowl LV and if you bet on Tom Brady to win his 7th championship, as I did, you’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself. Like him or love him, there is no denying that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). In “The Man Who Broke Free,” I wrote about Enki’s association with the goat and how Tom Brady’s association with the “goat” was the reason why the Patriots defeated the Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Marduk is, of course, associated with the ram. It was symbolic of God’s (Enki’s) inevitable victory over Satan (Marduk). Super Bowl LV was no different in terms of having a very predictable outcome. Let’s consider a few things here.

Tom Brady has played for two teams in his career. He won 6 Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots, and now he has won his seventh with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Today is 2/7, a date which reflects the “2” different teams Brady’s won Super Bowls for (New England and Tampa Bay), and the number of championships he now has (7). In Gematria, “Patriots” and “Buccaneers” both equal 37 and 46. How appropriate that the team associated with the number 46 wins the Super Bowl the same year that Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president? And what about the significance of the number 37? WrestleMania 37 will be held this year in Tampa, Florida as a two-day event from April 10-11. There are 62 days between the date of the Super Bowl and the date of WrestleMania, and in addition to 37 and 46, “Buccaneers” also equals 62. Oddly enough, the logo for WrestleMania 37 is a skull and cross bones logo similar to the one that the Buccaneers have. “Patrick Mahomes” also equals 62 and Patrick Mahomes’ all-time playoff record is now 6-2, while Tom Brady’s Super Bowl record improves to 7-3. Notice how Texas Tech defeated Kansas State by a score of 73-62 just one day prior to the Super Bowl? This caused Kansas State to lose their 10th game in a row just like Tom Brady participated in his 10th Super Bowl.

In addition to that, the two quarterbacks who participated in Super Bowl LV were Tom Brady, who wears #12, and Patrick Mahomes, who wears #15. The numbers 12 + 15 = 27, and the Super Bowl was held on 2/7. As I already mentioned, Tom Brady also won his seventh championship with his second team on 2/7. It was Super Bowl LV and “LV” equals 7 in Gematria. Seven is also the number of completion (see my article titled “The Seven Heavens”). Also, there are 188 days from Tom Brady’s birthday to February 7th. “Greatest Of All Time” equals 188 in Gematria. “Goat” equals 43, and Tom Brady is currently 43 years old. Also, Skull and Bones, Yale University’s secret society which George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were known members of, has a similar skull and crossbones as their logo. There are also 43 days between the date of Super Bowl LV and March 22nd. This is significant because Skull and Bones is also known as Order 322, so the date March 22nd has its connections to this secret society. Speaking of Skull and Bones, did anyone notice how a graduate student from Yale University was murdered in Goatville on the eve of the Super Bowl? GOATVILLE?! Are you beginning to see how everything is connected?

Another major event that recently took place in Tampa Bay, Florida was the Royal Rumble which was won by Edge. “Edge” equals 21 in Gematria, so it’s appropriate that he would win the Royal Rumble in ’21. The 21st prime number is 73 and Edge was born in ’73. “Tampa Bay” equals 47 in Gematria and Edge is currently 47 years old. He won the Royal Rumble at Tropicana Field where the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball. The Rays were, of course, in the World Series this past year just like the Buccaneers were in the Super Bowl. Also, “Royal Rumble” equals 155 and the Buccaneers finished the season with a record of 15-5 between the regular season and playoffs (11-5 in the regular season and 4-0 in the playoffs). Needless to say, none of these are coincidences.

Also, regarding Patrick Mahomes, he is currently 25 years old and Miley Cyrus performed in a #25 jersey prior to the Super Bowl. Derrick Rose, who wears #25 was also traded the day of the Super Bowl from the Pistons to the Knicks. 2 + 5 = 7 just like Tom Brady, who was born in ’77 just won his 7th ring. For those who are unaware, 777 is a significant number in spirituality and is the antithesis of 666. It is symbolic of God’s triumph over Satan, so here we are again being given another Super Bowl symbolizing Enki’s victory over Marduk. Derrick Rose also equals 62 and 73 in Gematria just like Patrick Mahomes is now 6-2 in the playoffs and Tom Brady is 7-3 in the Super Bowl. Ariana Grande also has a song called “7 Rings” which was released in 2019. Saturn, the planet associated with Kronos/Yaldabaoth/Satan, has seven rings. “Seven” in Gematria also equals 25.

Another noteworthy sports ritual took place this past week. Trevor Bauer, one of the top free agents in baseball signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Friday. However, just one day prior, it was reported by Bob Nightengale of USA Today that he had signed with the New York Mets. Why does this matter? Well, let’s consider a few things. On 10/30/20 Bob Nightengale posted a tweet that Steve Cohen purchased the Mets for $2.4 billion. “Mets” equals 24 in Gematria. In the same tweet, he also mentioned that Steve Cohen is the richest owner in baseball and is worth about $14.5 billion. “Trevor Bauer” equals 145. From October 30th to February 4th is a time span of 98 days. The name “Trevor” equals 98. Also, Nightengale reported Bauer signing with Mets on 2/4 just like “Mets” equals 24. The date 2/4/2021 is also a date with 47 numerology (2 + 4 + 20 + 21 = 47). “Nightengale” equals 47. Bauer signed with the Dodgers 19 days after his birthday on 2/5/2021, which is a date with 48 numerology. “Bauer” equals 19 and “Trevor Bauer” equals 48.

So, what can we conclude here? Not only can the results of professional sports games be determined in advance using Gematria if you can figure out the correct numerology, but the mainstream media also governs the masses using this code. The Gematria behind the Bob Nightengale tweets is just one example of this. Another recent one can be found in the death of Captain Tom on 2/2/2021, which so happened to be the 33rd day of the year. 33 is, of course, a very important number to the Freemasons, as it is the highest degree you can achieve in Masonry. It’s an appropriate day for someone of high ranking status to be sacrificed. Captain Tom is from England and England equals “33”. He died at age 100, and his full name “Captain Thomas Moore” equals 100 in Gematria. The mainstream media also wanted us to know that he raised 33 million pounds for charity (which is the equivalent of about $45 million dollars) by running 100 laps in his garden. He died on a date with 45 numerology (2 + 2 +20 + 21 = 45).

There have been many other celebrity deaths this year that can be decoded using Gematria. Dustin Diamond died at age 44 on 2/1/2021, which is a date with 44 numerology. He died from lung cancer. “Lung cancer” equals 44 and the word “cancer” by itself also equals 44. The letter “D” is the fourth letter of the alphabet, so his initials “D.D.” also equal 44. “Cancer” also equals 26 and there is a 26 day time span between Dustin Diamond’s date of birth and date of death. The 26th prime number is 101 and his full name “Dustin Neil Diamond” equals 101. He played the character Samuel “Screech” Powers on Saved by the Bell, and the names “Screech”, “Powers”, “Dustin”, and “Diamond” all equal 33. He died one day prior to the 33rd day of the year. The name “Samuel” equals 26. It should also be noted that Dustin Diamond was arrested back in 2014 in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. Both “Ozaukee County” and “Wisconsin” equal 44 in Gematria.

Speaking of Wisconsin, Hank Aaron who played for both the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves died at age 86 on 01/22/2021. The two states that he played baseball for, “Wisconsin” and “Georgia” both equal 44, and Hank Arron wore #44 on his jersey during his playing career. He also died on a date with 44 numerology (1 + 22 + 21 = 44). The name “Aaron” also equals 86. Notice how Hank Aaron’s death came just two days prior to Aaron Rodgers playing in the NFC championship game. “Rodgers” also equals 86. Jimmie Rodgers also passed away in January, as did Joanne Rogers, the wife of Mr. Rogers. Former Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson also died in January. Notice how all of these deaths came during the same month that Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers played in the championship game? All of these ritualist deaths were leading me to believe that the Packers would be the team to go on to win the Super Bowl, but it turned out that these deaths were instead symbolic of Aaron Rodgers losing and possibly having played his last game with the Packers. This is why it’s important to look at things from all angles when trying to predict the outcome of a sporting event.

Some other noteworthy deaths that have occurred so far this year include Larry King, Cloris Leachman, Cicely Tyson, Christopher Plummer, and Sophie Xeon. Sophie Xeon was a transgender Scottish musician who died at age 34 from accidentally falling and killing herself. “Suicide” equals 34 in Gematria. 34 is a big suicide number for celebrities. Chris Benoit was a famous wrestler who killed his wife and son and then killed himself 34 days after his birthday. “Benoit” equals 34. Kurt Cobain from Nirvana also committed suicide and “Nirvana” equals 34. Sophie Xeon died on 1/30 and her name “Sophie Xeon” equals 130. Christopher Plummer died at age 91 and the name “Plummer” equals 91. Larry King, whose real name is Lawrence H. Zieger, died at age 87. “Lawrence H. Zieger” equals 87. He also died on January 23rd and “King” equals 23. Cloris Leachman died at age 94 and there is a 94 day time span between her date of birth and date of death. Cicely Tyson died at age 96, and her full name “Cicely Louise Tyson” equals 96.

Finally, I wanted to mention something regarding the death of Michael Jackson. I talked about Michael Jackson in “The Man Who Broke Free” and how he feared he would die like Elvis Presley. Well, he most certainly was right. Both music icons died similar deaths with Elvis dying from a heart attack and Michael Jackson dying from cardiac arrest. Even more striking is how there are 52 days between the date that Michael Jackson died and the date that Elvis Presley died, and “Michael Jackson” equals 52 in Gematria. Also, Michael Jackson announced his final tour called This Is It on March 5th, 2009. His exact words to the audience were: “This is it. When I say this is it, it really means this is it. This will be the final curtain call.” Everyone thought this was in reference to him touring, which it was, but it also turned out to be a subliminal reference to his untimely death. “This Is It” equals 113 in Gematria and there is a 113 day time span between March 5th and June 25th (the date of his final tour announcement and the death of his death). Michael Jackson died at age 50 and he was scheduled to do 50 shows during his final tour.

Anyone who doesn’t believe Gematria can be used for purposes such as this either doesn’t understand basic math or is in complete denial, because coincidences simply do not occur this many times over and over again. Remember, if you want to verify these statistics for yourself, you can go to and enter the aforementioned names to confirm their numerological values.


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