March Madness

This blog post is not about the NCAA tournament. Instead, I would like to discuss some of the news stories that has been in the mainstream media this month, and will yet again show how controlled they all are. Again, you can do the calculations at for yourself if you have any doubts about how Gematria is used in every day world events.

One of the most talked about stories this month has been the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Notice how the interview aired on March 7th. There is a 216 day time span between Meghan Markle’s date of birth and the date the interview was aired. “Meghan Markle” equals 216 in Gematria. Moreover, after the interview aired, the royal family were reported to be “saddened”, while Prince William and Kate Middleton were in “total shock”. “Saddened”, “total shock”, and “royal family” all equal 56 in Gematria. As mentioned in my last article, Queen Elizabeth urged Britons to get the COVID vaccine 56 days before her birthday on the 56th day of the year. Do you see how ridiculously controlled everything is? I’ve come to realize that more often than not, when the mainstream media uses specific word(s) in quotes in a headline, it usually has some Gematria significance connected to it.

There was a death that occurred this month involving a former major league pitcher name Rheal Cormier who died from pancreatic cancer. “Rheal Cormier” equals 71 in Gematria. “Pancreatic cancer” also equals 71. Interestingly enough, Rheal Cormier finished his MLB career with 71 wins. He played 16 seasons in the majors and died at age 53. 53 is the 16th prime number. Again, do you see how everything about all of these celebrities, politicians, sports athletes, etc. are all controlled? Another example, J.J. Watt, the NFL superstar who wears #99, signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals the same day that 99-year-old Prince Phillip was transferred to a second hospital for heart tests. J.J. Watt broke the news on his Twitter account when he posted a picture of himself wearing Arizona Cardinals attire with a caption that said “source: me”. “source: me” equals 99 in Gematria. “J.J. Watt” equals 84 just like “Arizona Cardinals” equals 84. He signed a $31 million dollar contract and he is currently 31 years old. He last played for the Houston Texans, and “Houston” equals 31. James Harden, who is also 31 years old, played for the Houston Rockets before also joining a new team this year (Brooklyn Nets). George Springer, who is also 31 years old, played for the Houston Astros before also joining a new team this year (Toronto Blue Jays). Do you really believe it’s a mere coincidence that three very famous sports stars from three different sports all left Houston, which equals 31 in Gematria, at age 31 on the same year to join a new team, with one of them signing a $31 million contract? Let’s be real. But if that’s not enough for you, Dak Prescott, keeping up with the Texas theme, signed a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys this month. It was announced that Prescott’ signing bonus is $66 million and the first three years of the deal average $42 million per year. “Dak Prescott” equals 66 and 42 in Gematria.

In further sports news, last Sunday was the NBA All-Star Game which saw Team LeBron defeat Team Durant. Sunday was the 66th day of the year and “LeBron James” equals 66 in Gematria. “Lakers” also equals 66 and I personally believe the Lakers will defeat the Nets in 7 games in 2021 NBA Finals this year. If that does happen, LeBron would be 5-6 all-time in the NBA Finals and I’ve already written a litany of articles explaining the significance of the number 56. How appropriate would it be that LeBron improves to 5-6 prior to Super Bowl 56? Also, LeBron’s full name is LeBron Raymone James which equals 205 in Gematria. This is significant because there is a 205 day time span between LeBron’s birthday and Game 7 of the NBA Finals which is scheduled for July 22nd. We’ll see what happens since we still have another half a season to go in the NBA, but so far I’ve successfully predicted the winner of the last Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Finals using Gematria and have won some money because of it. That doesn’t mean it will happen again, as finding the correct Gematria riddle to successfully predict the outcome of a professional sporting event can be tricky, but as of right now, that is my prediction and we’ll just have to wait until the summer to see if I’m right.

Another death that occurred that this month was that of a French billionaire named Olivier Dassault who died from a helicopter crash. Interestingly enough, there is a 41 day time span between January 26th and March 7th, his date of death. Kobe Bryant, of course, died at age 41 from a helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020. Even more interesting is the fact that Roy Halladay, the Hall of Fame MLB pitcher, also died from a helicopter crash in a 81 day time span between his date of death on November 7th to Kobe’s date of date on January 26th. The most points Kobe Bryant ever scored in a single game was 81. Also, Roy Halladay wore #32 with the Toronto Blue Jays, while Kobe Bryant wore #24 with the Lakers. 32 + 24 = 56. Everything always seems to circle back to that number, doesn’t it? It should also be noted that “Major League Baseball” equals 162 and 117 in Gematria. That explains why there is a 162 game season in the majors. The 117 relates to Roy Halladay who died on 11/7. Speaking of 117, this year is the 117th World Series and “Dodgers” equals 117. Maybe the Lakers won’t be the only L.A. team who repeats as champion this year. Also, did anyone else notice how six Dr. Seuss books were cancelled on the same date that would’ve been Dr. Seuss’ 117th birthday? Dr. Seuss’ real name (Theodor Seuss Geisel) equals 117 in Gematria. Speaking of “cancel culture”, Pepe Le Pew was recently banned from the Space Jam 2 movie. I find it interesting how “Space Jam” equals 23 in Gematria and the stars of both films wore #23 in the NBA (Michael Jordan and LeBron James).

Finally, I want to wrap things up by pointing out how tonight, President Biden will be addressing the nation tonight about the COVID vaccinations. Notice how this address comes 111 days after his date of birth and “vaccination” equals 111. It also equals 666 but I already discussed that part in my book, so I won’t get into that here. “Joe Biden” equals 64 and the 64th prime number is 311, which explains why he’s giving the address on 3/11. This address also comes 10 years to the date after the debut album release of “What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?” from the rock group called The Vaccines. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. The coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic exactly 9 years after that album was released, and now exactly 10 years later, the President will be addressing the country on what we can expect form the vaccines.

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in Whoville, doesn’t it? Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that “Whoville” and “simulation” both equal the same number in Gematria.


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