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Zachary Hubbard of GematriaEffect.News, who is based in Seattle, Washington, compiled a list of facts relating to COVID and numerology which I would like to share in this article. I believe many of those who follow my blog will find these to be very interesting. These are his words and his data, however, I interjected some of my own additional thoughts in bold. The last paragraph is my own concluding thoughts.

On October 18, 2019, one month before the reported outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan,
China, there was a simulation called Event 201, simulating a worldwide coronavirus pandemic, and it took place the exact same day the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, the participants of the simulation, including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Johns Hopkins, as well as others, are now financially benefiting from the pandemic.

Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test that is being used to diagnose coronavirus cases, died August 7, 2019, shortly before the coronavirus outbreak, and prior to his death had stated that Anthony Fauci was a liar, a fraud, and the face of agendas, who was misusing his PCR test to falsely diagnosis cases of disease and illness. He also challenged Fauci to a debate, which Fauci ignored.

Anthony Fauci said at Georgetown, in Washington D.C., the nation’s first Jesuit university, on January 10, 2017, there would be a surprise outbreak and pandemic in the time of the Donald Trump administration, ten days before Donald Trump took office.

California Governor Newsom said in March of 2020, as he locked down his state, that in 8 weeks (56 days), 56% of California would get ‘coronavirus’, a very specific prediction, with two uses of the number 56 — which matters because in Gematria, the practice of coding numbers into words, all of the following equate to 56 — coronavirus, COVID vaccine, Anthony Fauci, Gavin Newsom, Washington D.C., Society of Jesus (Both Newsom and Fauci are Jesuit educated), mind control, all seeing eye, unemployment, toilet paper (think about it).

56 year old Boris Johnson read a 56 page “winter plan” for coronavirus in 2020, before
announcing the new and more infections U.K. Strain, which was reported to be 56% more infectious, before locking down England on the 5th of November, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56 days in the year. England also has a population of 56 million people. Guy Fawkes was a British Jesuit who was the inspiration for the movie V for Vendetta.

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, wrote ‘Fratelli Tutti’, a name equating to 56 in Gematria terms, his encyclical about what to do about ‘coronavirus’, as well as ‘climate change’, the latter also equating to 56, reminding that Francis is similar to France, where the Jesuits were created, and more specifically ‘Paris, France’, also equating to 56, which is the home of the “Paris Climate Accords.” There are 84 days between Pope Francis’ birthday and March 11th, when the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. This is significant because “Jesuit” equals 84 in Gematria and Pope Francis is the first (and likely the last) Jesuit Pope.

Pope Francis was born ‘Jorge Mario Bergoglio’, equating to 201, the same as ‘Ignatius of
Loyola’, the founder of ‘The Jesuit Order’, a name also equating to 201, and he is the first
Pope to live at Suite 201 in the Vatican, known as the ‘Domus Sanctae Marthae’, also
equating to 201. ***Again, Event 201 was the name of the coronavirus outbreak sim. “William Henry Gates” also equals 201 in Gematria, which is Bill Gates’ full name.

On May 15, 2018, exactly 666 days before the coronavirus pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, the same organizations did a pandemic simulation, similar to Event 201, called Clade X. “Clade X” equals 113 in Gematria, similar to how the pandemic was declared on March 11th, the date that can be written as 11/3. For those who are not aware, many countries outsides of the U.S. write the date before the month. There was also an operation in 2001 called “Dark Winter” which simulated a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the U.S. In November 2020, Joe Biden warned that the U.S. would be facing a “dark winter” in the season ahead. On February 14, 2021, parts of Texas went dark from blackouts caused by an unexpected snowstorm that occurred 142 days after Public Enemy’s album release called “What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?February 14th is a date that can be written as 14/2.

Bill Gates established his vaccine alliance Gavi, July 12, 1999, his 258th day of his age, which matters because his full name ‘William Henry Gates’ equates to 258 in gematria, the same as ‘number of the beast’, and in 2020, his father died on September 14, 2020, the 258th day of the leap year. At the same time, ‘vaccination’ has a gematria value of 666, and 666 is the “number of the beast,” and it is the number from the greek gematria (or isopsephy) riddle in Revelation 13:18.

In Revelation, the beast rules for 42 months, and in history, Bill Gates celebrated his first birthday on Jonas Salk’s 42nd birthday (the man who discovered the polio vaccine), which was October 28, 1956, the same day Elvis got the polio vaccine on live TV, exactly 42 weeks after his own birthday, which matters, because in 2020, when Maggie Keenan and William Shakespeare reportedly became the first two people to receive the vaccine in the world, on December 8, 2020, it was Bill Gates 42nd day of his age. *And keep in mind, Bill Gates operates from Washington, the 42nd state in order of statehood.

Bill Gates was 65 years old at the time people began receiving coronavirus vaccinations, which matters because in January of 2010, exactly 10 years before coronavirus landed in Seattle, Washington, reportedly on January 15, 2020, he declared a ‘Decade of Vaccines’, a title equating to 65 in Gematria, where the goal was to have a push to vaccinate the entire world. Also equating to 65 is the word ‘pandemic’, and the Event 201 simulation was on Melinda Gates 65th day of her age, and in the simulation 65 million people die, a stat complimenting the fact that Bill and Melinda were married January 1, 1994, 65 days after Bill Gates’ birthday. For another 65, ‘Christianity’ equates to the number, and of course the concluding book of the Christian Bible teaches about 666, the number of the beast.

In Gematria, ‘Revelation’ equates to 121, and it was January 21, 2020, or 1/21, that coronavirus was confirmed in Seattle, Washington, the first known location of the virus outside of mainland China.

Adding to the ‘beast’ riddle, Seattle is on the 47th Parallel North, and the word ‘beast’ has a gematria value of 47, complimenting ‘William Henry Gates’, again, a name equating to ‘number of the beast’. At the same time’, the word ‘Christian’ equates to 47, and their faith warns of the number of the beast, also known as the MARK of the beast, a word that is one letter off from MASK, and in Revelation you need the MARK if you want to buy or sell, whereas in 2020 and beyond you need the MASK.

In Gematria terms, ‘The Jesuit Order’ and ‘The Holy Bible’ equate to 201, and the Gates’ family are busy building Jesuit high schools, and Melinda Gates comes from a Jesuit family, and shares her birthday with the Jesuits, August 15, an order that was established on that date in 1534, in Paris, France. Furthermore, she turned 56, on August 15, 2020 in the time of the pandemic. This becomes all the more curious when you go back and see how Newsom said 56% of California will get coronavirus in 8 weeks (56 days) as he locked down his state, and he and Fauci are Jesuit educated, along with Cuomo, the 56th Governor of of New York, who went to Fordham, like Donald Trump, the latter starting his education there in ’64, 56 years before 2020. At the same time ‘Chris Cuomo’ equates to 56, the brother of Andrew. And keep in mind, Seattle University is one of 27 Jesuit Universities in the United States, and the pandemic has happened in the time of Seattle’s 56th Mayor, Jenny Durkan, who referenced 2020 as the ‘Summer of Love’, a phrase equating to 56. It should also be noted that Lori Lightfoot is the 56th mayor of Chicago.

Beyond that, Jeff Bezos turned 56 years old, January 12, 2020, days before ‘coronavirus’ was confirmed in Seattle, a virus that allowed him to grow his wealth by billions of dollars, largely due to the fact that many mom and pops were put out of business by the new regulations because of the supposed deadly pandemic. As we all know, it became a lot more convenient to shop online in 2020, the year of MASKS and long lines at many stores. Kamala Harris also turned 56 in 2020, and there is a 93 day time span between her date of birth and the date she was sworn into office as the first female Vice President. I covered the significance of the number 93 in my article titled “COVID Vaccine and Mainstream Media Propaganda”.

Those are a lot of statistics to consider, but it would be safe to conclude that these are all not just mere coincidences. On a separate note, did anyone else notice how former boxing great “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler died yesterday on 3/13? “Marvelous Marvin Hager” equals 313 in Gematria. Also, if you recall my article on Super Bowl 55, the numbers 37 and 73 played a significant role in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the championship. Tonight, 37 year old Trevor Noah will be hosting the Grammy awards on the 73rd day of the year. “Trevor Noah” also equals 134 in Gematria and today’s date contains those same numbers (3/14). “Noah” equals 38 and today is a date with 38 numerology (3 + 14 + 21 = 38). “Trevor” equals 35 and there are 35 days between the date of Super Bowl 55 and the date of tonight’s Grammys. “Trevor Noah” also equals 55, as does “Pi Day”. Today, is of course, Pi Day (Pi equals 3.14). “God” also equals 55, and Pi is an infinite number just like God is infinite. Speaking of the numbers 37 and 55, “Los Angeles” equals 37 and 55, and tonight’s Grammy awards will be hosted from Los Angeles, California. “Saints” also equals 37, and NFL quarterback Drew Brees, of the New Orleans Saints, retired from the NFL today. How appropriate is it that he retires on the same day as the 63rd Grammy awards? The 63rd prime number is 307 and there are 307 days between today and Drew Brees’ next birthday. Also, the Grammys were originally scheduled to take place on January 31st before it was pushed back 42 days later to March 14th. “Grammys” equals 42 in Gematria and Drew Brees is currently 42 years old.

I have more mind-blowing statistics to present in a future post. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Statistics

  1. that shows how the sim arranges you think that some high controllers-a few-,know this numerology and use it to their benefits,but are also subject to this program,meaning they are npc’s?

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    1. Yes, I definitely believe those in high positions of power, and especially those in the upper rankings of secret societies, are all aware of this code. I do believe they use it and at the same time are controlled by it themselves. I believe even Yaldabaoth himself is part A.I. and is subjugated to its control, hence why he wants to transform us humans into cyborgs.

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