Kamala Harris and Ritualistic Events

If you’ve been following my work, then you know I’m very big on Gematria. It never ceases to amaze me how quite literally every event that’s in the mainstream media can be decoded by using this methodology. I would like to discuss the significance of Kamala Harris becoming the 49th U.S. Vice President. First, let’sContinue reading “Kamala Harris and Ritualistic Events”

The Age of Aquarius and Lucifer

In my last post, I wrote about the great conjunction that will occur next month in December and the drastic implications it could potentially have on the political landscape in America. If what I predicted comes to pass, then we will likely see the end of government and democracy as we know it. Something toContinue reading “The Age of Aquarius and Lucifer”

The Curse of Tippecanoe and The Great Conjunction

The 2020 presidential election is over and Joe Biden is the president-elect. So, what happened? Was there a glitch in the matrix? Should we all expect the world to go back to normal now? The prophecy of the last president was proven wrong and the prospect of a major crisis was averted. There was noContinue reading “The Curse of Tippecanoe and The Great Conjunction”

The Last President and Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

The 2020 presidential election is finally upon us, and Americans appear to be holding their collective breath, anxiously waiting to see not only what the outcome will be, but also how the losing party will handle the result. Could a civil war be looming on the horizon? Was there a hidden overlying message in theContinue reading “The Last President and Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream”

Good Research and Critical Thinking

Good research and critical thinking don’t always go hand in hand. I feel the need to bring up this topic, because most people who label those that question the nature of their reality as conspiracy theorists tend to underestimate the critical thinking aspect that’s involved in their research process. Now, I’m not going to sayContinue reading “Good Research and Critical Thinking”

Simon Magus and Jesus Christ

In this post, I will compare the similarities between Simon Magus and Jesus Christ, and why they were simultaneously both one and the same and not one and the same. If this sounds like a contradictory statement, you are both correct and incorrect. Bear with me as I attempt to explain this fascinating conundrum involvingContinue reading “Simon Magus and Jesus Christ”